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    Looking for others to join me (beginner or experts, I don't care)

    Looking for others to join me (beginner or experts, I don't care)


    I play Nonexpansion, Hardcore, Nonladder on US-West (since I just recently died, I'd be willing to switch Realms)

    I prefer to play with the Necromancer.

    My high school friends (7 total people in 1 game) and I used to play all the time, and work together. If one person died in hardcore, he'd start out at level 1 again, but then we'd work together helping him get back to where we were. We were not a group of 'experts' by any means. We just played to enjoy the game. This is nothing serious. We just play to play. Since we did not care about "High Scores and who is on top of the world in rankings" we chose the Nonladder route.

    However, once we graduated high school and moved on with our lives (college, work etc,) we split apart. I was hoping Diablo 2 would still be in some of these guys' minds to 'keep us together'. However, some went to Call of Duty games, some went to Expansion, some went to Softcore, some actually had lives (lol, that was my attempt at a joke), some went to college, got married, had kids, etc,

    I am now the only one left of the 7 of us who still wants to play this amazing game. Playing alone is no fun. I played with a necromancer and died today, with no one playing with me to grab my loot. I now have to restart at level 1. I'd really like to play with a group of people. Again, my intention is the same as before: work together and have fun.

    Just for the record: The last time I died was around November of 2009. So it's been awhile for me. I think the reason I died was I was trying to go solo vs. with a party.

    I don't care which character you choose to be or what skills you want to have on your character. We just play to play and loot each other incase we do die, and help each other out. I really hope someone decides to play with me. I love this game too much. I now graduated from college, work 55 hours a week (mandatory overtime but it OT should end within a few weeks), and I still play this game.

    I will still play this game regardless of how many people join me, but I'd love to meet some new people. Go Diablo 2!

    Contact me if interested. Thank you for your time.

    Edit: Currently level 23 in Act 3 Normal
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