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    Question about how to do the sprint/WW build right

    first of all im going off this vid

    so i hope the build is still correct for 1.0.5 and from what it seems like with my crap gear it does ok i have to be very carful, i just hit act 3 inferno and im basically poor but its seems a bit more fun then the sword and shield ive been doing for the whole game

    anyways my main question is do you mash the sprint button non stop while using WW? or do you only use it when the buff is gone after like 3 seconds or whatever.

    any other tips would be great if you guys have any

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    Re: Question about how to do the sprint/WW build right

    Well, the key thing is that you want to keep generating fury to keep wrath of the beserker (thrive on chaos) up. You obviously want to be generating a lot more than 25 fury/s, but you need to spend it at an equal rate (if you are at max fury, gaining additional fury doesn't help your wrath of the beserker). Thus, you should spam battle rage or sprint just enough to allow you to keep generating fury. Obviously, you don't want to spam it too much because then you can't WW anymore.

    Of course, if you're not using thrive on chaos, then it you don't need to keep spamming sprint- only when the last one runs out.

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    Re: Question about how to do the sprint/WW build right

    Usually its better to mash sprint for extra tornadoes. If that isn't dumping enough fury throw in a battle rage as well.

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    Re: Question about how to do the sprint/WW build right

    I'm a bit new to the WW/Sprint build myself.

    basically I start with war cry then cast battle rage/itf. That leaves your fury bulb next to nothing so I find it's best to frenzy the nearest target untill your fury ball is about half full, which doesn't take long if your using animosity passive.
    Then, launch sprint and whirlwind.

    When chucking WotB into the mix, well simply monitor your rage ball and try to keep it at half-quarter full. if you have a lot of targets to hit, it will be faily hard to empty so you'll be "mashing" your sprint quite a lot.
    Get it right, and you wont see your target monsters because they will be covered by dozens of yellow crit hits, and they'll be dead in seconds.
    It takes practice!


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