Hi there,

could anyone please take a look at these? Not really sure about price... There's something similar on AH, but not seems like it's worth as much. And I don't want to overprice or underestimate it... Can be price in Gold or euros...

Immortal King's Irons [Set Gloves]
185 STR
200 DEX
Critical Hit Dmg 34%
Critical Hit Chance 9.5
DMG reduce 6%

Gambler's Traps [Rare Gloves]
72 DEX
Attack Speed Increased 9%
Critical Hit Dmg 28%
Critical Hit Chance 9.5%
Gold Fine 16%

Final Prize [Rare Ring]
58 DEX
79 VIT
Attack Speed Increased 8%
Critical Hit Dmg 42%
Critical Hit Chance 5%