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    How to report comments on front page?

    Hi there,

    Is there a way to report comments posted on the front page that I think are inappropriate?

    The fourth reply in this news item referred to another user as an idiot, which I think is rather rude and unconstructive:


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    Re: How to report comments on front page?

    Has it injured you or anyone else? People can call me an idiot all they want and it doesn't take money out of my bank account or bruise my skin.

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    Re: How to report comments on front page?

    You can PM myself or Flux or Rushster. There isn't a handy report button built in like in the forums. However, as the comments posted in the front page news appear in the duplicate (or should do) of the news in the general forum you can report that way.

    That's a very old comment and was indicative of the trollish stuff that was prevalent back then, it happens a lot less now as we're 2 years down the line. I've nuked the post.
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