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    Re: Worth starting D2 HC again?

    Err. Uhm. Orb/TK is meant to be a dirt cheap MFer. Shako and Stormshield are a waste unless you've got more than one of each, in which case you need to go make some real characters to use your found loot instead of MFing ( I know! I know! I've been there too). 3 Perfect Topaz mask, Tarnhelm with a P. Topaz, or even Rockstopper with a P.Topaz are all bread and butter items in this case. Remember: The more you skimp on this one, the faster you can build your second.

    For your second sorceressss, build an Orbitaller. That one really, really benefits from all the items you can throw at it.

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    Re: Worth starting D2 HC again?

    So this Orbitaller would actually be perfect for me with stuff like Wiz, Shako, Viper, Storm, Mara, etc etc even though he recommends Tals Set?
    And yeah, I def need to get the gear first, but I've always liked to have a goal set before me to reach
    I guess Ill start with the Budget MF Sorc Orb/TK for MF runs


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