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Thread: next patch?

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    Question next patch?

    there it is, someone know something about it?

    well.. is on the mind of everyone i guess: it would be great they just realese full contet for SP (ladder stuff).. bnet corruption force most honest players to go SP. Plus new runewords would be great =). bahh **** probly' this aint going to be... Yet, i dont know, some of u do?

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    Re: next patch?

    Patching D2 would seem like abandoning D3, admitting its the better game (in my eyes) so doubt it.

    U can always have a peek @ the mods though:

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    Re: next patch?

    If there is a mod that improves merc AI so they don't get stuck on every single little rock they happen to run across, I will switch to SP and never look back. I still play on the realms even though I don't trade for runes and stuff, if only because it is way easier to get the Titan's Revenge and Witchwild String I need to win the game every ladder season. Plus, I really like starting over every year or so, which is not something I would do if I was in charge. Heh, last ladder I got a 162% Witchy for 6 perfect Rubies. Guess that guy didn't play bowies or doesn't realize that this bow can kick butt in 8 player games.


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