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    Re: Tempest Rush build, think it's possible?

    I'm trying this build right now, and I'm having a blast
    My char (might not be updated)
    Don't know if it's already been mentioned, but I'd recommend ik-boots and gloves as a way to lower the price a bit. Should be easy to find really good rolls for this build between 1-3M.

    edit: I feel like I have to add a personal thanks to Windstriker, for struggling to get a working tempest rush build the last couple of months, so that I could just copy him and get it working in a couple of hours

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    Re: Tempest Rush build, think it's possible?

    I had tried this build a month or two ago and didn't find it to work to my satisfaction, although I did like the concept a lot. After the announcement of the 1.0.7 changes I decided to re-gear him up and make some improvements Still looking to improve a few pieces, but I think that he is ready to tear it up when the patch hits! Here he is:


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