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    Re: Online community + few beginner questions

    ..and no game/hour cap! :P

    I play SP when Im bored, and want to try some funny build off the record!

    Bases for runewords is one whole category, and can be farmed to earn some wealth, just as mfing.
    The lower mf you have, the more white or socketed items will drop!

    Its important to know that ilvl determines the amount of sockets an item can have! Like Broad/Crystal/Long swords cant have 4 sockets until ACT5 nrml. Same goes for Polearms.

    The best spot to farm nrml classed Polearms/swords (for insight/spirit) is nrml Cows. Since their mlvl is 28.
    Read this:

    When you reach Hell, its harder to find desireable socketables. Now you want ethereal bases for your merc, and 15ed on most superior armors.. etc. Heres a few examples of very high value socketables.

    Superior Elite Paladin Shields with 40-45@res 3 sockets!!
    - Must be dropped with 3 sockets, since using the Larzuk quest on them will give them 4 sockets.
    AND superior items cant be "cubed" using the socket recipe. It only works for non sups.

    Ethereal Elite Paladin Shields with 30-45@res dropped with 0sockets!
    -Using the socket recipe on these shields, will "ebug" them. Giving them a random nr of sockets and an additional +50% defense. if it gets 4 sockets, youre a winner. And youve got the best base for an Exile rw.

    Ethereal Sacred Armors!!
    -Same as the last example. This is the best merc armor in the game, heavy str req, but can have up to a stunning 1350def base!! 4 socketed ones are the most expensive (Fortitude base) or 3 socketed (wealth etc)

    There usually are trade games thats named something like "Tradecenter" "Trade" "Trade1" "Trade2" etc.. Enter one or create one, then just shout out what u have for trade.

    Or just enter your default channel, I use my countries channel ..SWE-1 or SWE-2 etc. And copy/paste a list of what youve got for trade, and put you *AccName last, so they can whisper you.


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    Re: Online community + few beginner questions

    Good stuff, Archone. Very useful.

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