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    Re: Online community + few beginner questions

    I appreciate the very warm welcome from all - a good omen! Another question:

    (Archone), where do you put your stat points in your Meteorb sorc? Like, Vitality, Energy, Strength, Dexterity. The two main concerns are 1) Do I need to level energy because I have no gear?, and 2) Would it be better to go max block or high HP?

    Or, does it not matter because once you get high enough leveled and get good enough armor, you can respec with that special boss dust thing, and fix any errors you might have made?

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    Re: Online community + few beginner questions

    Im glad to help!

    Id like to put an extra 10-20 str early on to wear the first armors. Sorcs starts with 10str... With 30str she can wear the Breastplate, and with 40 something, iirc, the Kite Shield.

    Id stop putting into energy once Ive hit 50-75 something. Depending on whether you have some gear giving +mana (or Sapphires socketed into helm/armor).
    Once you get the Insight for your merc, 50 energy is enough without +mana on gear, imo.

    Vitality. Youll need to feel how much youll need in the beginning. Running low on stamina all the time? Dying? Pick some vita!
    Its up to you, how you prefer to play. It differs from char to char for me too, depending on the stuff I find.

    NOTHING IN DEX!! Not the until youre higher lvl, imo.

    Once youve got your char decently geared in late normal difficulty, use all your stats for Vitality. Sorcs got pretty low life!

    I prefer high hp with sorcs, simply because I always use a Spirit Monarch. Which has a pretty crappy %block. (42% with sorcs)
    Which means I need like 300 dex to get 75% block... Ill just stick to the minor block I get!

    If you however, for some reason, you want to get max block with a sorc. Youll need a shield with as high block% you can possibly find. And which still has stats thats good for sorceresses!

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    Re: Online community + few beginner questions

    Heres a few examples:

    Spirit Ward
    Shield Class
    Defence: 393.3-478.8
    Pa Chance To Block: 74-75%
    Am, As, Ba Chance To Block: 69-75%
    Dr, So, Ne Chance To Block: 64-74%
    Required Strength: 185
    Smite Damage: 11-35
    Required Level: 68

    5% Chance to Cast Level 8 Fade when Struck
    +25% Faster Block Rate
    Increased Chance of Blocking 20-30%
    +130-180% Enhanced Defense
    +30-40% All Resistances
    +6-11 Cold Absorb

    Shield Class
    Defence: 133-148
    Pa Chance To Block: 75%
    Am, As, Ba Chance To Block: 72%
    Dr, So, Ne Chance To Block: 67%
    Required Strength: 156
    Smite Damage: 12-34
    Required Level: 73

    +35% Faster Block Rate
    Increased Chance of Blocking 25%
    +3.75-371.25 Defense (Based on Character Level)
    +30 to Strength
    +60% Cold Resist
    +25% Lightning Resist
    Damage Reduced by 35%
    Attacker Takes Lightning Damage of 10

    Shield Class
    Defence: 100-125
    Pa Chance To Block: 70%
    Am, As, Ba Chance To Block: 65%
    Dr, So, Ne Chance To Block: 60%
    Durability: 68
    Required Strength: 38
    Smite Damage: 8-12
    Required Level: 28

    +1 to Sorceress skill levels
    +30% Faster Block Rate
    Increased Chance of Blocking 30%
    +100-150% Enhanced Defense
    Attacker Takes Lightning Damage of 10

    Moser's Blessed Circle
    Round Shield
    Shield Class
    Defence: 156.8-179.2
    Pa Chance To Block: 67%
    Am, As, Ba Chance To Block: 62%
    Dr, So, Ne Chance To Block: 57%
    Durability: 64
    Required Strength: 53
    Smite Damage: 7-14
    Required Level: 31

    +30% Faster Block Rate
    Increased Chance of Blocking 25%
    +180-220% Enhanced Defense
    +25% All Resistances
    Socked (2)
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    Re: Online community + few beginner questions

    Explanation to the shields follows:

    Spirit Ward.

    Best possible block, up to 74%.
    With ~175 dex at lvl 80, youll have 75% block chance.
    (In case you didnt know. Youll need alot of dex to actually get high block%. But the shields base block helps ALOT)(Youll also need more dex the higher lvl you have, so at lower lvls less dex is required)

    It also has nice Allres, can be socketed with Larzuks Quest. And has a chance to cast lvl 8! fade. (=8% damage reduction(physical dmg) and 50Allres. This is a "buff" = It will make you transparent and expires after a few minutes.)

    This shields has a very high str req though, so some careful planning is needed if you want to use this shield!


    A very popular shield amongst many different classes!
    High block chance, decent resists. (Can be socketed with a Perfect Diamond for better resistances(Larzuk quest again))

    And the famous 35% dr!!!! Highest ingame! (50% dr is the cap btw)

    The +30str is nice aswell if youre gonna wear anything heavier then this shield.. But I doubt it, this one needs 156str to be equipped.


    A classic shield for sorcs, not very rare, neither expensive. A nice defensive item, with +1sorc skills.
    60% block and only 38 str! Low lvl req too!

    Mosers Blessed Circle.

    My favorite non elite unique!!
    I use this for my amazons, for a nice block and Resists.

    The 2 sockets can be used for either Resistance, faster block rate, Rainbow Facets or Dmg reduction(Ber runes).

    Cheap and effective!

    Peace and looove!

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    Re: Online community + few beginner questions

    Awesome advice! I was playing some more single player with a friend today and got to Diablo in act IV (normal). I am stoked to start on the new ladder Tuesday

    Another set of questions.. hopefully these will be less nooby and useful for other beginners to know:

    1) By chance I've stumbled on a few tips and tricks that really make the game easier - and thus more fun. For example, holding shift at a vendor and buying potions fills your belt... using the f keys makes switching spells easy... holding shift and potting feeds your merc... etc. I was wondering if there was any list of tips/tricks like this so I can make sure I know all of them. I did a quick search on that one diablo wiki but to no avail.

    2) I noticed a few cool runewords that might work with a 20's/30's sorc (Namely, Leaf and Stealth), and was wondering if these were viable, or if it'd be better just to save up for Insight and better runewords. Continuing this thought, should one try to make runeword weapons and armor as often as possible, or do you really need to save them?

    3) For this meteorb sorc, will you be using an act 2 Normal or Nightmare merc? Offensive or defensive?

    4) Is there a recommended level to start MFing? I tried to MF Mephitso a few times but he hits very hard. The problem is, some of my gear is pretty bad (and I expect the same when I start the ladder).

    5) Continuing the previous thought, what's the general strategy for leveling, and general strategy for getting loot? My guess is that just killing everything isn't the most efficient - I bet bosses are the best for getting gear/money, and certain areas are best for xp. Can you help inform me of such bosses and areas (for Meteorb at least).


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    Re: Online community + few beginner questions

    There sure must be some hints I can give you here.. But I cant come up with anything atm! Ill let you know if I remember something.

    I started a fresh sorc (Singleplayer) 2 days ago, and Im at Baal Nrml. At lvl 45. MeteOrb ofc.
    I meant to make a leaf, but I found a Sorc Only Wand with +2FireBall/+2Warmth/+89mana/+20fcr (which is damn good for my lvl!) so I also made an Ancient Pledge in a 3socket Kite Shield. (Gives some resistances)

    I also made a Stealth in a Chainmail. I love that rw!! Frw/fcr/fhr.. Some manaregen too..

    Id only save the runes that are more rare, like Lem+ for later.

    Im using a Prayer merc, and once Ive got him an Insight, the prayer skill will be even more powerful. Due to the Meditation aura giving synergy to his natural Prayer aura.

    I start mfing once I hit end of Nightmare, when I can do Baalruns (Or diaruns) and get to lvl ~70.
    Then Id go for Andariel+Countess(If you need some runes for some cheap runeword), Travincal(For gold and mf) and Mephisto.

    Leveling can be hard to do effeciantly, and I only do all quests with my first ladder char. The second and beyond, I rush. Heres how I do it.

    Once my Sorc hits Hell Act5 and can kill the Ancients there, Ill rush my 2nd char.(A hammerdin I think!)
    I use a free version of "Sandboxie" to be able to start up a second instance of D2.
    This requires a second D2+LoD key aswell..
    (You can ask someone to rush you otherwise)

    The char being "rushed" creates a game.
    Join with the "rusher", and party.

    Now just stand in the town while you do all quests, sometimes you need to speak to some NPC in town, with the rushed char. Sometimes youll need a tp to get a quest item..etc.. etc..

    Quests you need done:

    Act1 - Andariel Killed
    Act2- Quest 2-6 (Collect staff+amulet(Q2). Be close to the summoner(Q5) to get the Q done.)
    Act3- Quest 5+6
    Note* You can lend him/her your cube in act2. The high council in Travincal drops the cube if someone doesnt have it.
    Note2* You dont need the parts for the Quest-Flail, you just need to kill the Council and have the Waypoint to Durance of Hate lvl 3.
    Act4 - Kill Diablo.
    Note3* His Ring of Fire spell can easily kill a lvl 1 rushed character, so hide behind a nische just above the star, and you cant be hit.

    This will get you to act5.
    Now youll want at least level 24 before killing the Ancients. Which in turn is required to kill baal and get to Nightmare.
    Only lvl 20 is required, but youll want lvl 25 to get xp for baalruns.

    Heres how I get from lvl 1 to 24!

    Join some public Tristram Runs.(This requires the quest 3 act1 to be completed by the game creator.)
    You get very good xp if you just stay close.

    Tombruns. Kill everything in all the tombs in the Canyon of the Magi.

    Either keep doing Tombruns, or clear the way between the Act4 River of Flame wp and Diablo.

    You can also just quest some in act5, youll want Q1+Q2+Q3 done aswell.

    For mfing, Id prefer the unique monsters or Act bosses.

    But there are some areas, which has the best arealvl, that can drop the best loot in the game.
    Those are called lvl85 areas, and a few are:

    Act1 - "The Pit" jsut before the monastery, a cave.
    Act2- "The ancient tunnels" Lost City dungeon.

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    Re: Online community + few beginner questions

    Heres 2 good quotes you dont want to miss:

    Quote Originally Posted by gooback View Post
    I'm going to write a miniguide on early level itemization. This should be helpful to those with less experience, and hopefully if I miss anything, somebody can help me out too.

    Levels 1-10

    Ye noble hero has just begun their journey, and the douchebad rogues, despite having lots of equipment that would help you, offer you no assistance well you go and fight their battles for them, so we are on our own for gear. Unless you get a super lucky legendary or a good roll on a yellow, your goals should be as follows.

    Helm: 2 socket cap or skull cap. Sockets are key, socket with 2 chipped rubies if you are not a caster, or 2 chipped sapphire if you are a caster. The 20 mana is super helpful.

    Body armor: 2 socket body armor again, 3 sockets won't drop that I know of in act 1. Sockets are the same as the helm.

    Weapon: early game casters and non casters will both rely on auto attacks in the early levels. Find a socketed (2) scepter if you can. Scepters do large base damage and do bonus damage to undead. The ideal sockets are 1 chipped sapphire (provides slow, this is tremendously important, prioritize this over 10 mana in a helm or armor), and 1 chipped topaz (highest average weapon damage) or 1 emerald (10 poison damage is quite high, although not all 1 frame)

    Shield: If you are a paladin, you are one lucky mofo. You can drop 3 socket 10 all res shields right in act 1. Look for a shield with 3 sockets and socket it with 3 chipped diamonds, up to 28 all res. More likely you will get a 3 socket with 0-6 all res, but still quite good. Otherwise, just pick up any 1 or 2 socket shield and chuck them chipped diamonds in, should beat any rare.

    Amulets and ring: If you are a caster, look for those 10% faster cast rate's, the first few faster cast rate breakpoints are easy to hit, and will give you better burst damage.

    Belt boots and gloves just look for rares. Good stats are: life, vita, energy, mana, FHR (the best IMO), faster attack speed


    The next items are the crucial items that you should be looking at getting asap, hopefully by the end of normal, or into the start of nightmare unless specified otherwise. These are super strong levelling items that will help you get to the point you can start farming meph on nightmare.

    Helm: Lore (ort + sol). This might take some time to get to, but it's a tremendously good low level helm. Highly recommended for casters. It offers +1 to all skills which is so hard to get at these low levels. It also offers mana and lightning resist (the most important resist). For melee chars such as zealots or barbs, radiance (nef + sol + ith) is an amazing helm. It gives mana, life, and damage taken to mana (for low mana cost melee skills this as amazing as it keeps your mana topped up). A few other small perks here.

    Armor: Stealth (tal + eth). You want this in act 2 or 3 at the latest. Eventually I like to get a breast plate stealth in act 3. It offers faster hit recovery (FHR), faster run/walk (FRW), and faster cast rate (FCR). All tremendously useful, especially for a caster. All 3 of these are very important, no question the best low level armor.

    Smoke (nef + lum). If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a lum rune, the 50 all res can be super helpful in here, but only if you are willing to give up the stats of stealth. Better on melee chars.

    Shields: Anceints pledge. You should always build this in act 5 at the latest in normal. You get the runes for free in act 5, and you should be on the lookout for a good 3 socket base. The resists are vital for going into nightmare, if you have negative resists because you don't have this shield, you have times of hardship and struggle upon you, just get it.

    Twitchthroe: if you are lucky enough to get one of these (low level unique), it's super strong as a melee char

    Rhyme: Get this, it should replace ancients pledge. It offers cannot be frozen, absolutely vital on a melee char, and super useful on casters. It also offers amazing blocking with some all res sprinkled on. Once you replace this with spirit, keep it for your switch on bosses. It offers 25% mf and when you start doing runs will help you get those uniques faster if you switch right before the kill.

    Spirit: Unless you are a paladin, you have to wait until you find a monarch shield, which will take some time, but this shield is the best caster shield in the game, and the runes are easy to get, so get this ASAP priority 1. I shouldn't have to tell you why it's a godly shield.

    Weapons: Steel (tir + el). Super good for melee chars. Especially on a barb with dual wield. Dual wielding these will take you through normal if you can get a decent bast (2 socket crystal swords that drop in act 2 are your friend)

    Leaf: (tir + ral). Mediocre at best. It requires a 2 handed weapon, which means no shield. It provides a nice damage boost for fire sorcs, but it sacrafices all resistances and will only take you through normal difficulty, although it is quite good in normal. Replace with 1 hander and a rhyme shield asap.

    Strength (amn + tir). Yay, crushing blow and some vita. Will help quite a bit against bosses, mediocre temp weapon otherwise, not the highest damage (less damage than steel without the crushing blow since steel offers open wounds and +3 min and max).

    Spirit: (tal + thul + ort + amn). Unlike it's shield counterpart, 4 socket swords are easier to find. Don't worry about strength req on the sword, just put points in strength and equip this beast. The skills FCR FHR and mana this gives you is absolutely nuts for a low level weapon. A must for farming meph. this + stealth armor + fcr amulets and fcr rings will give you 80-90% fcr which allows for fairly safe teleporting, a must for farming meph effectively and safely. Best caster weapon until you get a hoto or a nice unique (or a ridiculously lucky yellow)

    Insight: while this is technically for your merc, and not for you, it solves your mana problems way more than any other item. Very good for casters so you don't have to tp to town every 5 minutes for more mana pots.

    Boots, Gloves, Belt, amulet, rings.

    Same as level 1-10, the best rare unique or set item that drops for you. Once you get some currency, prioritize trading for magefists or frostburns as a caster, fcr amulets and rings as a caster, and melee chars want bloodfists, goblin toes, deaths guard sash (cannot be frozen, allows you not use rhyme and either dual wield or use a different shield).

    Quote Originally Posted by Twibz View Post
    Nice lil guide there but i just wanna add my own spin on things.

    Instead of socketing saphs/rubys early on i recommend just sticking topazes for mf in everything possible. 2 in the helm and 3 in a ring mail (you can shop these from charsi from around level 6ish i believe)

    You can also gamble great mf rings, amulets, boots and gloves from gheed early on too so sell all damage pots, thrwoing knives, class specific stuff and other decent selling items. This is great for levels 1-15ish.

    If you go for an act2 merc then your best bet is for this cube recipe: 1chipped diamond + kris(any quality) + staff(any quality) + belt (any type or quality) this will net you a savage polearm of varying types (highest is partizan i think) and can potentially add great stuff such as ias/LL/ed etc, great merc weapon.

    For a steel base i prefer a flail due to the damage to undead and fast speed, these can be shopped from fara in act2 and even superior ones can be shopped, these are especially good for zealers

    All else your guide is great for new players, well done

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    Re: Online community + few beginner questions

    an easy skill shifting trick is the f1-f12 keys. If you click on the skill icon in the bottom right or bottom left of your screen, and hover over a particular skill, then hit one of the keys, it binds it. Say I hover over fireball and hit f1, then hover over teleport and hit f2, I can switch between teleporting and fireballing with 1 key stroke. This is great late game when you want to cast enchant (on your mercenary) frozen armor, teleport, fireball, meteor, frozen orb and can do it all with the keyboard. Also, the best branch of sorceress at low gear is the cold branch. Despite the fact that the damage appears low, cold mastery will set all non immune monsters resistance up to -100%. Say a monster has 75% resistance to all elements. I fireball does lets say 10k damage, and an ice blast does 2.5k. The fireball looks way better, but the monster resists 75% of it and only takes 2.5k damage. For the ice blast, with a high level of cold mastery, the monsters resistance is lowered all the way to -100%, and actually takes 5k damage, twice as much as the fireball. Until you can afford lots of resistance lowering equipment (expensive), cold sorcs are the best killers (except for cold immune monsters :(...)

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    Re: Online community + few beginner questions

    Thanks guys! This thread, along with other MFing/Trading research has gotten me pretty well up to speed with the online component of the game.. the only daunting thing now is trading and not really knowing what items are good in bad, but I assume that will come with time. Here's to a fun ladder

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    Re: Online community + few beginner questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Var View Post
    Thanks guys! This thread, along with other MFing/Trading research has gotten me pretty well up to speed with the online component of the game.. the only daunting thing now is trading and not really knowing what items are good in bad, but I assume that will come with time. Here's to a fun ladder

    I wish you good luck in the new ladder, you will gradually pick up knowledge of trading by just trying it on the ladder with people but if you are ever unsure of what something is worth there is the trade value threads available or just ask here or in the community forum and im sure somebody will help out

    Which realm are you playing on?


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