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    Advice on my Barb

    Hello everyone,
    Of all the forums out there about D3 this is the tops I have to say. I've learned a lot from these posts but recently hit a brick wall when it comes to my barb. I need advice on what items and stats I need to improve. Currently, I have low Vit and that's hurting me, but I just can't seem to find good items on the AH with plenty of Vit without sacrificing my STR. I have 2 Mill gold ready to spend, and I'd like to make it a good investment. I'm also open to other build types as well.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Advice on my Barb

    A good source for life % is your helm. I would upgrade the gems in your chest piece and, if you can afford it, use them to put a star amethyst in your helm. That'll do more for your health than what's currently in your chest. Then replace those chest gems with rubies. The armor you get from the added strength will aid you more than a few thousand HP. There are a few legendary pieces that you can buy for cheap that can boost your DPS and survivability significantly. Sage's gloves with ias, crit chance, str, vit, and armor can be found for under 400k. A Mempo of twilight helm with a socket can also give you high res, ias, and life % for under 500k.

    Good luck, hope this helped.

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    Re: Advice on my Barb

    droll, you're not going to do much for 2 suggestion is to save up at least 10 mill to make a splash. Vit is a prized commodity with barbs. You'll notice that prices of items go up substantially whenever it has vit.

    You're already at 39k vit. If you upgrade your gem in your helm, you'll be at 40k. I think 40k is a great place to be for a barb. WW builds like yours don't need more than 40k so there is no point stacking more. When funds allow, start looking for pieces with vit on'll need this as you inevitably start tweaking your char with more strength and all resist. I generally will only look at pieces if they have all resist and vit (and or life%) on them (jewellery excluded).


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