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    Empowered Shrine, holy ****!

    Empowered Shrine is my new favorite shrine to find, it is just insane... A glimpse of what the monk could do with proper spirit generation.

    If you haven't tried it yet I highly recommend you try Beacon of Ytar and then find that shrine as they stack for a total of -45% cooldown. 4 sec immunity with 11 sec cd from Serenity, BoH can be used almost constantly, you have more spirit than you could ever spent so spam away with Wave of Light or what ever else is your favorite spirit spender skill. Throw in Transendence and you will heal more than anything could ever hope to throw against you... In short you get 3 min of total badass rape party, that and it is extremely fun to actually be able to use your skills.

    Crossing my fingers and hope we get that sort of spirit generation when they finally get around to tuning the monk (even at the cost of life per spirit spend).

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    Re: Empowered Shrine, holy ****!

    I would use Beacon of Ytar but I find I need Resolve. This may change tomorrow with the Inferno damage fix.

    I'm loving Fleeting Shrine and of course the attack speed one.

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    Re: Empowered Shrine, holy ****!

    Problem is: changing build for a shrine that may or may not spawn is terrible.

    Also it doesn't provide automatic spirit per second. I never found myself really short of spirit with the standard builds, even when using dashing strike & mantra constantly for 38% dodge. Only case of spirit running out is when I get cced and I have to dash the heck out of the fight.. But then I don't have the possibility to auto attack & regen anyways.


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