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    Searching for players to quest with.


    It has been long since I visited this site the last time.
    Anyway, for some reason, decided to take out my Diablo 2 and LoD CDs yesterday and install the game once again.

    As I understand, the EU ladder reset is due in 2 months or so, right?
    Not much of a ladder ''climber'' that is why I would like to look for playing partners now, even with the reset coming soon.

    My time zone is GMT +3 (yeah, China is just a random choice for my location, lol) I play on the EU realm. Have only started a fishymancer so far. I know the necro quite well, still have to check what has changed since few patches ago though.

    Enjoy making a char with yellow/orange/blue items only.

    Looking people to play with! Softcore.

    PM/post here.

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    Re: Searching for players to quest with.

    So did you find anyone yet?


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