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    OMG/WTF?! 2 questions regarding chain lightning sorcress build

    hello this is my first post i was trying to build a lightning sorceress that mainly use teleport/chain lightning, most of the builds i have checked have only 1 point in teleport which make it very mana costly. and also are using all stat points in vitality which worsen the teleport problem so how did you actually overcome this i can't play because i'm always oom what should i do??

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    Re: 2 questions regarding chain lightning sorcress build

    The reason you only put 1 point into teleport is because of all the + to skills you should be having. A light sorc and easily get +15 to all skills which would make teleport lvl 16. As for all the vit you need it to take a hit and with your spirit shield that usally covers alot of your many problems. Btw light sorcs are expensive and fireball frozen orb sorc are usally easier and cheaper to gear. Also get a nightmare holy freeze merc and give it an insight polearm to cover all your early game mana needs.

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    Re: 2 questions regarding chain lightning sorcress build

    Mana is a pain in the *** to manage in the early game, yes. Once you've got mana from gear (Spirit runeword), +skills and the Insight runeword for your mercenary it's really no problem. Until then most people kept a belt and half of their inventory filled with mana potions ^^

    Almost all builds were written before respecs were introduced (in patch 1.13) and so people don't waste points in warmth, teleport or energy that they wouldn't need when they're geared up. As it is now you're free to spend some points in energy or warmth and then reset your build later on.


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