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    Hardcore DH Death Vid

    Character name: iamthematrix
    Character level: 60(2)
    Character class: Demon Hunter
    Character build: standard Hungering Arrow/Ball Lightning
    Game difficulty: Inferno
    Act: A1 - The Butcher
    Death type: PvM

    I couldn't remember the last time I had gotten 'hooked' by the Butcher or ever charged by him... but in this fight... I got hooked twice and charged... I sucked it up... and well... watch the video... it's all there...

    Now I'm working on a Witch Doctor! Check out the other videos and the stream at

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    Re: Hardcore DH Death Vid

    That blows dude, I was like shiiiiiiiii

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    Re: Hardcore DH Death Vid

    Quote Originally Posted by divinedeathstalker View Post
    That blows dude, I was like shiiiiiiiii
    That's some proper thread necroing :o

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