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    Diablo II Windows 7 glitches?

    I'm having some issues with glitches on D2 (LoD) with Windows 7. I'm running the game on a newer laptop with a widescreen, all drivers have been checked and updated and are working properly.

    Tried; Installing diablo II & LOD from disc. Runs but glitches (full game stop/freezes for 3-5 seconds periodically). Disabled desktop composition, ran as administrator, tried serveral compatability modes, tried running in both windows mode and full screen, set new monitor refresh rates, checked several resolutions, checked sound, ran several video tests checking each against the other. Still the game glitches for 3-5 seconds periodically. Completely uninstalled, removed all associated files, went to blizzard and registered and downloaded the digital copy, still glitches. Re-ran each step with the digital copy, you guessed it "still glitches."

    Have not tried;
    Sven's glide wrapper?

    I've scoured forums and still not really found the same issue - full game stops/freezes periodically? This is not a lag issue, I'm only running the game in single player, I have no muling software or other games installed. As it stands, the game runs (poorly) but it runs. The periodical (but seemingly constant) glitching/freezing makes a caster character extremely difficult to play and a melee character impossible.

    Any idea's?

    Thanks - W.A.M

    Edit: Also, tried opening task manager, disabling explorer.exe, and running without a task bar... "still glitches." *sad panda face*
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    Re: Diablo II Windows 7 glitches?

    I had this EXACT same problem for several weeks! It was very strange because my Diablo 2 used to run perfectly, then one day this started happening! After searching for hours and hours on Google and Youtube I finally found out a solution that fixed it for me! And when I saw your post here and saw that no one replied to it, I was determined to sign up on the forums just so I could reply to you and hopefully help!

    Anyway here is how I fixed it, and yes I am also running Windows 7.

    I realize that you say you've already tried multiple compatibility modes, but what are you doing exactly? I myself tried many compatibility modes on the Diablo 2 shortcut on my desktop.. which didn't change a thing..

    Go to your Diablo 2 folder and locate the file "Game.exe", set the compatibility mode THERE as Windows XP Service Pack 2 or 3 (2 works for me) then go back to your Diablo 2 shortcut and RUN IT AS ADMINISTRATOR! (Will always have to run as admin, at least that's the case for me.)

    My Diablo 2 runs smoother than ever now thanks to the compatibility mode changes I've set to the Game.exe file in the Diablo 2 folder. Just remember to always run the shortcut as administrator!

    I hope this helps, and I'm sorry if it's against the forum rules to post a reply this late.. I know how frustrating this problem is, both to try to solve and also even to try to play through, so I hope this helps you!

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    Re: Diablo II Windows 7 glitches?

    Another trick to some problems that may develop is to disable visual themes, desktop composition and high dpi scaling on the short cut or exe file, whichever.

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    Re: Diablo II Windows 7 glitches?

    Oh my god thank you guys.. I tried what both of you suggested and it actually works. I have struggled with this issue for more than a year I think. I've searched and searched as WeAreMonsters have.. this actually works.. Oh my god thank you.

    Edit: ok it didnt work. I was mistaken.
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    Thumbs up Re: Diablo II Windows 7 glitches?

    Quote Originally Posted by WeAreMonsters View Post
    I'm having some issues with glitches on D2 (LoD) with Windows 7. I'm running the game on a newer laptop with a widescreen, all drivers have been checked and updated and are working properly.

    Have not tried; Sven's glide wrapper?
    I had unhandled exceptions on Win7 when running in fullscreen. I could play fine in Windowed mode but didn't like it. Tried a bunch of things like you listed, but nothing worked except Sven's glide wrapper so I recommend you try that if you haven't yet. It's easy to install you just copy the .dll to the D2 folder, run the vid test, and change to 3dfx glide. Good luck!


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