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    Re: 1.0.5 PTR Patch Notes - Barbarian

    Quote Originally Posted by galzohar View Post
    Sprint/WW isn't just about facerolling (though the ability to faceroll, even if it makes you lose some efficiency over playing perfectly, is definitely a part of the over-power-ness of this build). It's about getting the maximum farming speed possible in the game and with a big lead over the alternatives. As long as the spec works without having to stop and bash all the time and while being able to kill stuff about as quickly as other specs, there will be no reason to use anything other than sprint/WW.
    Sure, I agree. And a 10,20, or 30% difference in efficiency between the most optimal farming build and the rest is fine. But when something is literally multiple times better than the next alternative, while offering you the ability to never die, it's bad for the game.

    The fact that every discussion invariably devolves to "how do I make my WW/sprint better", or "they're nerfing WW/sprint, waaah", is pretty good indicator of why we need balance.

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    Re: 1.0.5 PTR Patch Notes - Barbarian

    I get all the people talking about effeciency, but personally I'd rather play a build that really fits me and my playstyle.
    Currently I'm playing with a 2hander and just mowing enemies down with a rather mediocre build, but it fits me well
    since it doesn't require any Fury to get into a build, and no skill have a CD longer than 10sec, which means I'm always
    ready to get into the fray.

    I really like this chance, 'cause it means that i can be more diverse in my build, and chance a few things around. I might
    even try to chance my playstyle for a bit, and try out the HotA build, since the chance seems nice. Allthought last time
    i had some problems managing life. Maybe one just needs more Life Steal.

    I really like the chances, but maybe that's just because I never conformed to the 'Flavor of the month' kinda build.

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    Re: 1.0.5 PTR Patch Notes - Barbarian

    the all res drop by 30% was horrible thats the only thing i didnt like :(

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    Re: 1.0.5 PTR Patch Notes - Barbarian

    I still hate the sprint proc nerf but I was able to adapt with a few changes I made leading up to the patch. Just more of a pain now to keep WotB up without burning out my keyboard buttons.

    But, on the whole I really like the patch. It has certainly renewed the gear grind for me for the time being.


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