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    Idea D3 Connect iPhone App

    Hello people!

    We just released an iPhone App build on the recently released Blizzard API.

    • Gloat at the equipment, skills, attributes and followers from each one of your Heroes (and boast to your friends)
    • Track game statistics, quest completion and overall career progression
    • Visit the graves of your Fallen Heroes and review the awesome equipment they have taken to their tombs
    • Follow-up on Blacksmith and Jeweler workshop advancement
    • Connect to US, TW, KR and EU accounts and switch easily between multiple BattleTags
    • Connect with your friends' character profiles to assess their Heroes’ might

    D3 Connect is totally free and waiting for you to download. Check it out and let us know what you think.

    Should you encounter some issues or have feature requests please let us know.

    D3 Connect website:
    D3 Connect on iTunes:


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    Re: D3 Connect iPhone App

    I just downloaded the iPhone app and I am very impressed with it. I just got an iPhone after reading this lingo review that explains that iPhones are very good for lingo. After getting an iPhone, I have been really interested in checking out new apps like this one, and I really like the fact that you can track your stats. I think it would be fun if there was more of a competition aspect with the app so you could compete with your friends through the app through points and stats. Basically, I think the app is great, but I think it could be more social. I would like to know what features you guys are thinking about adding in your next update.
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