Im looking for normal 2socketed Runic Talons or Feral Claws, preferrably with some MA staff mods. Rather not with any edura or edmg.
Im trying to make a Wind Claw for my FoF/BoI/CoT assa and afaik ppl regard 2sox claws as crap compared to the 3 sox claws, and most MA skills arent as useful att trap skill claws, so maybe someone got this kind of "crap" in their stash?

Im quite new at trading, but i can offer something like a Pul or Um or Ist or smth for one i guess, or write to me what you need. I mostly got runes, a sur, two vex and a couple of rws from last ladder.

My dream claw would be something like:
+3 Claws of Thunder
+x Fade/BoI/FoF/Weapon Block
+x Fade/BoI/FoF/Weapon Block
which i would prolly offer an Ice bow or HoJ Phase or smth for