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Thread: 1.13 Bear sorc?

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    1.13 Bear sorc?

    So i want to make bear sorc with nice items on and wondering about many things...

    Does 2x Dreams still add alot damage?

    What works with bear sorc attack?

    max dmg?

    what charms should i use

    i really dont know much about bear sorc so all help would be nice

    and looks like there is not any 1.13 bear sorc guides around

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    Re: 1.13 Bear sorc?

    I found one guide in the stickies, the gear set and skills are ok, but the guy doesn't really understand the mechanics of how things work if you read some of the comments.

    2x Dreams synergized still adds a ton of damage, you can reach upwards of 60k with the right gear set. Crushing blow, open wounds, ed, etc. all work while in bear form of course but they should not be the focus of your build.

    The focus of the bear sorc with dual dreams is to apply a ton of damage and apply it fast. A 6 socket phase blade with 95 additional IAS gets you to the 4 fpa mark in bear form. This can be done in multiple combinations, but to get the most out of it without having to use a ton of ias jewels, most people do 4 shael runes, an ias jewel with a secondary mod, and a sixth rune/jewel of your choosing. If you have nice ias jewels with various mods, you can use those instead as long as it adds up to 95. This will apply lightning damage fast, and most things will melt pretty easily, but you won't have any leach since your physical damage is terrible. The other option is to use a 4 socket gris caddy. A gris caddy can get to the 5 fpa mark (3 shaels and an ias jewel with a 2nd mod if you have it) and will provide you with "some" sort of physical damage.

    Charms should be all about lightning skillers. The higher your lightning master the higher your damage output climbs. Fill in your gaps in res and get yourself to a comfortable FHR breakpoint.

    Using the skill set in the guide you will most likely have enchant for AR/fire damage as well. The prebuff gear can get pretty extensive if you go full on into it, but its really not necessary. For my bear sorc, I didn't prebuff my enchant level, because switching out all the gear and charms for fire based stuff is way to much of a hassel for normal pvm. However, I did keep a CTA in my cube because switching between the Beast and the CTA for an additional life bonus seemed worth it to me even though I think the guy in the guide is against it.

    Something you may have to think about though is if you want to use energy shield, the graphics look kind of funny since the ball is in the bears head, but your not doing anything else with your mana and you have a maxed out level of warmth so why not use it to your advantage.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vivi View Post
    Give a man a fire and he's warm for a day. Set him on fire and he's warm for the rest of his life.

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    Re: 1.13 Bear sorc?

    I Think im going to make blaze bear sorc

    haha... atleast will try how it works as funn build

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    Re: 1.13 Bear sorc?

    Blaze bear sorc? Sounds cool, but you can't cast blaze while in Bear form and it only last about 30 seconds at slvl 27 or below.

    I found that the Bear sorc is an awesome character, but for the most part a glass cannon. HOWEVER, if you build her right, she can be quite sturdy and still lay down a considerable amount of damage (one hitting most monsters). I'll go into the mechanics first, and then show you my build.

    First off, the preferred build uses Dreams with Lightning Mastery and Enchant with Fire Mastery. These have the benefit of being applied twice. So a slvl 28 lightning mastery (+374% damage) will give you (4.74*4.47) +21.47% damage!! Enchant/Fire Mastery works the same way. A Bearsorc can do as much as 18K-107K average damage before Conviction; however, there is little reason to deal that much damage when you can one hit 75% of monsters with half the damage. Hence, I'll show you how I engineered a Bearsorc that provides a powerful attack and is rugged enough to take on even the diciest situations with ease.

    Clerv's Rejected Gear/Builds
    Energy Shield:This can make a good alternative, as Pyro mentioned. But ultimately it can't hold up nearly as well in areas where you take a lot of damage. In the event of mana burn, you're pretty much done for.
    4 Frames Per Attack: Not possible. Actually, your options are only a Phase Blade w/ 95 IAS or Grizzy's Caddy w/ 75 additional IAS. These both hit 5 frames per attack.
    6 Socket PB: 5xShael 1xJah...1xShael 5x15IAS/15ResAll...1xShael 5x40/15IAS....these are all good options, but ultimately lack the physical attack that not only lets you leech, but also adds a third prong to your rapid attack for those pesky immunes.
    Lightning Charms: Keep in mind lightning damage charms are only boosted once by LM. Skillers are also moot, in my opinion, because your damage is high enough without them. Space is much better spent towards defensive bonuses (Resists, Life, & even AC).
    Attack Rating: Forget about it. Either just rely on your Merc's Conviction via Infinity or throw a Jah in a Phase Blade.
    Others: There are tons of other gear/build options that I have tried and ultimately decided against. The suggestions you'll see below may seem counter-intuitive given the usual options, but trust me, they work!

    Clerv's Skill
    Max Warmth, Enchant, Fire Mastery, & Lightning Mastery
    This provides 95% of your damage.

    One: Teleport, Static Field
    Gets you around and makes quick work of Baal, respectively.

    Rest: Shiver Armor
    Far better than Frozen/Chilling Armor. Defense bonus and freezing attackers is integral to this build.

    Clerv's Stats
    Strength: Enough for gear. This also helps your physical damage. ~200
    Dexterity: Enough for max block. ~220
    Vitality: The rest.
    Energy: Nothin.

    Clerv's Gear
    Weapon: Griswold's Redemption (3xShael, 1x Damage/IAS)
    This provides 5 fpa and enough damage to have a healthy leech and expeditiously dispatch dual immunes.

    Helm/Shield: Dream (Corona/Ward)
    These provide the bulk of your damage and add some other great benefits. Corona and Ward are preferable for their high defense/block rate even given their high strength requirement (I'll explain later).

    Armor: Upped Gaurdian Angel (Cham)
    This makes you invulnerable to most elemental damage, high defense, and a lower max block. The Cham prevents you from having to use a Ravenfrost; although a Hel can cut down on your strength requirement. The strength requirement of 196 is steep, but the extra defense cuts physical attacks by about 24%.

    Jewelry: Mara's Kaleidoscope, 2xBul-Kathos+skills, +10% leech, +resists, +life. A rare ring could be useful, but keep in mind +skills boosts your lightning damage, fire damage, defense, and life considerably.

    Gloves: Dracul's Grasp
    Life Tap!

    Belt: String of Ears
    Leech, Damage Reduction. Don't use Dungo's because the +Vit isn't boosted by Werebear or Battle Orders. Arachnid Mesh is only good for the +1 skill

    Boots: IK Boots/Rare Boots/Whatever
    The ideal selection would be Tri-Resist boots with good FRW. You want the FRW because you'll be running over monsters so fast. After that, look for Resists, Stats, Life, Defense, and FHR.

    Switch: Beast/Call to Arms, Spirit
    Beast gives you Werebear. CtA gives you BO and +skills (use this while casting BC, BO, Enchant, & Shiver Armor). Spirit is great for the +skills and the FCR when you're on the fly.

    Charms: Torch, Anni, & Resist/Life/Defense charms
    Don't bother with lightning damage or skillers charms, your damage will be high enough.

    Merc: Act II Defiance
    You may think a Holy Freeze would be better, but considering GA knocks elemental damage out of the picture, Defiance does more to minimize physical damage.

    Merc Weapon: Infinity (Ethereal Elite Polearm)
    Amplifies your damage and guarantees a good hit rating no matter how low your AR is.

    Merc Armor: Eth Guardian Angel (Um)
    There are other options, but I feel that this helps him survive the best.

    Merc Helm: Tal Rasha's Mask (Um), Eth Vamp Gaze (Um)
    Just for the defense.

    And that's just about it. Play her and you'll see, she wades through packs, can take a ridiculous amount of punishment.

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    Re: 1.13 Bear sorc?

    Clervis, nice build. Do you use both beast AND call to arms switch? Doesn't it get irritating to swap stuff?

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    Re: 1.13 Bear sorc?

    Well, I thought it would. But all you have is this initial pre-buff period where you run through a little process, but then you're good for quite a while. But I have found myself not bothering with the CtA from time to time, and she still does really well.


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