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Thread: Will this work?

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    Will this work?

    Druid have always been my favourite class, but that's mainly because I love the idea of playing as a werewolf, and having the forces of nature to aid you in battle, as well as having your fellow animal friends protecting you. Sadly, the only viable class I've heard of is elemental druid, and while I find it awesome in PvP, I honestly think it sucks in PvM....

    I wanted to make a PvM druid build, with summons, that works. So here is my idea:


    Infinity (I'm going to make a pure fire build, so Infinity is a must)
    Bramble (For thorns aura, when mobs attack my summons)
    Andys (For +2 skills, LL and IAS)
    Type: Defiance (I'll explain this later)

    My gear I'm thinking of using:

    Shield: Phoenix monarch.

    Since I'm going to use fire spells, the -EFR is very important. It also gives some maximum resistances as well as fire absorb, which helps survivability. The redemption aura keeps replenishing life and mana which is very helpful. Also, the reason for a Defiance merc is because that Holyfreeze shatters corpses, making redemption useless. That's why Defiance instead. Another choice could be Might, for more damage.

    Weapon: I don't know, Hoto I guess. Or beast to boost merc + summons damage.

    Helm: Shako, with a 5/5 Fire facet.

    Armor: Enigma for teleport.

    Rings: 2x sojs or 2x bk for life/mana + skills.

    Amulet: Maras

    Gloves: Magefist for FCR and +fire skills.

    Boots: Silkweave for 30% FRW + mana/maek.

    On switch: cta + spirit.

    Skills: Max armageddon. My idea is to have armageddon killing the mobs that i run across. With both Infinity and Phoenix, that's a lot of -EFR. They should be extremely vulnerable to fire damage, except the fire immunities of course. How quick will they die? Also, I'm thinking of using Firestorm as my primary attack. So ammagedon activated while spamming Firestorm. For summoning, I'm thinking either max oak sage (for more life) or max how (for more damage to merc and summons) then use either grizzly bear or wolves as meat shields + dealing with permanent fire immunities... Will this work?

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    Re: Will this work?

    Armageddon is terrible. Thorns is terrible.
    Your main skill is fissure with some firestorm help when monsters in corner areas.

    Ravenlore is better than shako.
    You can use summons if you want, they're quite bad though. Skip unbreakable fire immunes using teleport, or volcano them + merc. Max all the four fire spells for synergies to fissure and firestorm.

    Another option instead of Hoto+ravenlore+engima is to use full Aldur's for those parts, and fill them with fire facets. No teleport, but equivalent or better damage.

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    Re: Will this work?

    I'm curious, why do you think that Armageddon is terrible? I haven't tested it yet, so I'm just wondering. The damage seems top notch.

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    Re: Will this work?

    Numbers aren't everything. Try the skill, and you will see.

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    Re: Will this work?

    I would take a look at this guide:

    I actually did a variation of this build, and it was quite enjoyable. Since the majority of the fire skills are timered, you can shoot from a distance with your bow while waiting for the timer reset. Works out pretty well. Armagedon is indeed terrible, the damage is great, but the number of times it hits is extremely unrelaible. Your main attacks are going to be fissure for normal AOE, and volcanoe for large stationary enemeis and bosses. Volcanoe also does a portion of physical damage as well so keep that in mind versus fire immunes.
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    Give a man a fire and he's warm for a day. Set him on fire and he's warm for the rest of his life.

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    Re: Will this work?

    I understand, thanks. So Fissure vs packs of monsters and Volcano vs single-targets. I had a Wind druid previously and I found it very boring. Going with a Fire druid now.. Also how much is Ravenlore? I couldn't find its value on the E/SC/L forum.

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    Re: Will this work?

    Yes, Fissure actually ends up being fairly effective because under groups of enemies that are "larger" they can get hit by more than one vent at a time. Volcanoe works best against the single tough targets because they arent usually moving that much which causes the fume of fireballs to do a decent amount. Ravenlore isn't valued very highly as far as I'm aware because not a lot of people actually use it, it should be fairly cheap, but try to get one with a higher -enemy fire resistance if you can.
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    Give a man a fire and he's warm for a day. Set him on fire and he's warm for the rest of his life.


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