Hi, everyone!
First of all, escuse me for my english, its not my native language.
Im not sure how exactly aura thorns works in pvp.
2 chars with 50% DR, one of them (player A) has thorns lvl 21 (near 1000% dmg returns).
Player B has phisical damage 12 000.
Player B hits player A.
12 000/6 = 2 000 after pvp penalty
2*0.5 = 1 000 after DR
Player A received 1000 dmg.
1000*10 = 10 000 returned by thorns
10 000/10 = 1 000 after pvp penalty
1000*0.5=500 after DR, damage to player B from thorns
1000*1.5=1500 if player B is under amplify damage curse

Did anybody test thorns in PvP?
Are my calculations correct? If calculations are wrong, tell me where i am wrong. Math part is very interesting for me.