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    OMG/WTF?! Diablo 3 Installation Error (Agent.exe)

    Whenever I try to install D3, it gets stuck on "Checking for Updates." Then, it gets an error about the agent.exe. It tells me to wait a minute, or restart. I've done all that yet it still doesn't work. I have never played D3 ever, if it helps. I'm sorry if there are other threads like this. I have Windows 7 32-bit, Ultimate. Please clarify your answers. I don't want to get confused. Also, this doesn't only happen to D3 installation. It happens to the Mists of Pandaria Beta as well. Thanks for reading.

    Things I Have Tried

    Turn off "Work Offline" in IE9.

    Run as Administrator

    Set Secondary Login to Automatic

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    Re: Diablo 3 Installation Error (Agent.exe)

    Try reinstalling the launcher. Maybe something is corrupted in the installation.

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    Re: Diablo 3 Installation Error (Agent.exe)

    Delete you C:/programdata/battlenet and C:/programdata/blizzard entertaiment folders.

    Then launch the game again.

    IF it still does not work, go to C:/programdata/battlenet/agent and rightclick agent.exe, make it run always as administrator.

    Note: ProgramData folder is a hidden folder so you need to set them to be visible.


    I had the same issue around a week ago and this is what I did.


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