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    Unique or "Legendary" items/Brimstone salvaging

    Hello there. I used to be active in the d2 forums and have bought d3 to check it out. Seems ok til now. One thing I still cannot get is why legendary items are so sought after. They are practically useless compared to most rare ones with same abilities. Do people just salvage them to get brimstone or do they just like to show off?

    Another question I would like to have answered concerns brimstones. How do you actually get them (I have heard that salvaging high lvl leg items gives them, but have also heard that some friends of mine have got em after salvaging rare ones)? Any answers are appreciated.

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    Re: Unique or "Legendary" items/Brimstone salvaging

    Salvaging a level 59 or greater legendary with give you one brimstone guaranteed. There is a change to get one off a rare, but it is very, very low. I have not got a single one since the rate was dropped in a recent patch.

    Legendaries are being upgraded in the next patch, so although most aren't very good now, the ones that drop after the next patch will be much better.


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