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    Re: Hell Skeleton King

    Quote Originally Posted by Nèmein View Post
    I agree with you that my style is trending towards a focus of mobility and evasion more than tanking or straight heavy DPS. I can say that I certainly do enjoy it but I am still wondering if that is my leaning because it's my true preference or because I simply don't have the gear to do much else.
    For me, it's definitely a preference as I don't have the balls to go HC with a glass cannon or a LoH tank because watching that red globe go up and down would be too much for me to handle.

    Even if i was handed the correct gear, I wouldn't enjoy the fear of dying in 1 hit (SC is fine of course as repair is nothing) or the fear of not getting enough LoH back to keep me alive.

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    Re: Hell Skeleton King

    Random, but now playing Act 1 inferno and I'd say Hell SK was by far the hardest thing in the game for me, in terms of gear to content ratio. Took three tries to kill him, each fight lasting over 5 minutes. Inferno, otoh, he was dead in seconds.

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    Re: Hell Skeleton King

    For SK on any difficaulty other than Inferno I went DPS heavy/tank hybrid and just spammed rapid fire with withering fire rune while using the bat companion. It pretty much gives you double the amount of firing time with RF due to the reduced hatred cost with withering fire and the bat giving you +6 hatred regen. In Hell the SK didn't even get to move away from his throne, as soon as his life bar popped up I just let rip with RF using a high DPS crossbow.
    The first thing I did when I got to Hell mode was look for a 800+ DPS bow with a decent amount of Dex, IAS and Crit Dam. You can find level 60 bows with a 13 or so level reduction, they can be pricey if your not some one who farms but I managed to snipe one for about 33K gold and then sold it for a 900 DPS bow later on. I went through most of Hell with a base DPS of 30k. If I find 800-900 DPS bows in Inferno I throw them up for super cheap (500 gold starting bid) if they have a level reduction so other players still on Hell mode can breeze through it and get onto the real fun of Inferno.


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