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    Do people still play Classic?

    Hello all. With the relative disappointment around the gameplay of D3, have people come back to playing D2? If I started playing classic again, would I have people to play with? I imagine I'd be starting from scratch, as any old chars have been gone by now.

    Also, since the max resolution on D2 is 1024x768, if I have a 1080p monitor, and do fullscreen mode, will it just show black around the 4:3 1024x768 area?

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    Re: Do people still play Classic?

    People do indeed still play classic. There should be plenty of activity on the Euro(probably on other ones too, but this one I can confirm) realm, depending on what times you play. Just be sure to play Ladder, as that seems to have the highest concentration of players, since 'create ladder char' was activated by default.

    It depends on what your monitor is set up to do, at the very least I expect it to stretch it from the top to the bottom of your screen and give you black bars on the right and left side only.
    Most likely it will simply stretch Diablo 2 to the limits of your monitor.

    Classic, where a runeword is a weapon missing the s in the middle.

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    Re: Do people still play Classic?

    Yep many people still do play classic. THough its really annoying that there are soooo many diaruns games, and no pk games... WHy is that?


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