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    Re: PvP WW Barb 1.13 Question

    Quote Originally Posted by ynotastonysh View Post
    IMO. You should go with a BvB with BvC gear.So with leap as lvl 1 and max shout with the rest of your pts in iron skin. I never really found the need to leap in killing any other toons besides Paladins.
    I disagree, leap is on of your main stun skills and if you ever do team duels, it's an absolutely must to have. Paladins are probably the class it's the least useful againts.

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    Re: PvP WW Barb 1.13 Question

    Oh yeah sorry I was only thinking of 1v1 duels. For team I can see the usefulness. I only leap against hammerdins and sometimes smiters. For other classes never found the need.

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    Re: PvP WW Barb 1.13 Question

    Leap also allows you to "stomp" on Necro Spirits, even in groups, causing you no damage.


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