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Thread: Mf swapping

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    Re: Mf swapping

    I'm pretty fine with stacking NV, but that's just me.

    BTW, are the percentages simply added together or do certain sources provide a multiplier of its own? For example, the 25% MF shrines are less useful if added th the NV bonus.

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    Re: Mf swapping

    MF is stacking together, no diminishing curve...

    btw. the increase in yellow, especially from normal mobs (since I got higher MF) is significant, hard to say about elites, where you have guaranteed rare... also more affixes on yellow items (6) are more frequently seen....

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    Re: Mf swapping

    now that i know theres actually 4 tiers to rares from 3 to 6 affixes, stacking more MF even with elites "guranteed" rare makes sense, since it probably goes through the normal legendary->6->5 etc and just has a failsafe 100% chance when it checks 3 affixes.

    That would be the most straight forward way of implementing it i think, and there does seem to be a large focus on simplfying all the equations in D3 compared to D2.


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