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    [Suggestion] Legendary Item Affixes

    I found that when placing a legendary item on my character in the hero planner I receive more stats than I should normally. It seems like I receive ALL of the "one of X magic properties" that are on the legendary items.

    For eg. I equipped Strongarm Bracers. They can roll Dex, Int OR Str for its main stat, but, all 3 are added to my attributes. (Which would never happen in the game).

    There should be a way to choose which "magical properties" roll with legendary and set items.

    Just a thought.

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    Re: [Suggestion] Legendary Item Affixes

    We are going to be relooking at this for legendaries which are a little trickier. There will be an update to the planner again soonish.

    Rushster - Admin,

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