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Thread: A Fond Farewell

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    Re: A Fond Farewell

    So I was having Diablo 3 overdose and decided to check out other games currently being played by other people. In EVERY other game the forums have threads about Diablo 3 and how it failed. Ingame chats in OTHER game shows people talking about how Diablo 3 didnt live up to Diablo 2. Kinda saddening.

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    Re: A Fond Farewell

    I feel the same way as the OP, except A3 is the brick wall for me rather than A2. I made some pretty solid upgrades to get through A2, but for A3 they are quite out of reach, and even the white trash mobs feel like they hit way too hard. Those Demonic Hellfliers can 3-shot my Wiz with their fireballs, and I have well into the 700's on resists.

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    Re: A Fond Farewell

    aw, and I was gonna ask for the OP's gold



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