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    The desolate cactus pot

    First of all let me say that I do not consider this directly as fanart. I would describe it more as "inspired by Diablo III".

    I really like the environment art of Diablo and I love the art of the desert areas of act 2, especially the "Desolate Sands".
    I fell in love with that area the first time I entered it and I can't wait until I can finally farm it in inferno

    Something I also wanted to do for quite some time was to get some cacti for my windowsill. I had the chance to get my hands on some awesome looking cacti this summer and immediately decided they would also need some awesome looking pot.

    The decision to design the pot in the style of act 2 was an easy one.

    It's 60*30*30 cm and quite heavy.
    The main frame consits of 3 plastic flower pot saucers covered with air drying clay, painted with acrylic colours and stones.
    The dragon skeleton is made from Fimo and also painted with acrylic colours. I used painted tissues for the torn wing mambranes.

    The background is shoped because this sculpture is standing on my windowsill and neither it nor the view out of my window are very pretty and the sculpture is to heavy/fragile to carry it around too much.

    All in all it turned out like a "desolate Sands" meets "Skyrim" hybrid, but I am rather happy with it.

    Maybe I should add more hidden footprints as a finishing touch to it

    The desolate cactus pot.jpg

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    Re: The desolate cactus pot

    That's pretty cool!

    Since I always must offer some critique I shall do it again...I think there's slightly too much going on. A somewhat tidier version would be even better imo. But good job

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    Re: The desolate cactus pot

    You have done a nice work. Expect more art from you,

    Diablo series

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    Re: The desolate cactus pot

    The details on this is superb. I'd love to have one near a window or on display for all to see on a table/coffee table.


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    Re: The desolate cactus pot

    I am interest in those things. I can know everything which I never see. Exciting!!!!


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