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    Re: 1-pgem SALES / Free Items - First post first get

    Need these items if available:
    Jah Rune
    Lo Rune
    ► Griswold's Legacy Honor Vortex Shield 292def (h3)
    ► Trang-Oul's Avatar Claws Heavy Bracers 67def (d3)
    ► Assassin Bartuc's Cut-Throat Greater Talons 171/5ll (s5)
    → Necromancer Pain Mark Fetish Trophy: 2pnb+7psn+1fgolem+3bspirit+2bprison+10res lvl 30 (h5)
    ► Druid Ravenlore Sky Spirit 3ele/15enemyfr/25energy/18res/128ed (s8)
    ► Armor Skin of the Vipermagi Serpentskin Armor 35/11 hi stats Up'd (t1)
    ► Helm Vampire Gaze Bone Visage 8ll/8ms/15dr/10mdr hi stats (m7)
    ► Belt Arachnid Mesh Spiderweb Sash 107ed (s6)
    → Rainbow Facet Jewel Fire 4/5 level (s4)
    ► Rainbow Facet Jewel Light: 3/5 level x 3, 5/4 level (s4)
    ► Rainbow Facet Jewel Poison 4/5 die (s4)
    ► Boots Resist Fiend Blazer Chain Boots 10fhr+40cr+31fr+5dex+6stamina+14mf (d3)

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    Re: 1-pgem SALES / Free Items - First post first get

    Hi I would like to bid for the following items:

    Arreats Face
    Butchers Pupil (if you have 2 I would like both) if not instead of the second add Sureshrill Frost
    Duriels Shell
    Highlords Wrath
    130 AR GC

    I have 4 rals and 2 pgems and willing to throw in 4 JJ.

    My account is Sariseth.


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