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    Rabies Fury/ Fury Druid Help/ Questions

    Hi, I am thinking of making a new Rabies druid or Fury druid. Are they good in pvp? Can either of them solo hell? Which one is better and more fun? Also, if you have one of these, you should go for max block, right? What skill points should you get as you level up as a Fury Druid? What can they both do? What stats should you get as you level up as a Rabies Druid?

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    Re: Rabies Fury/ Fury Druid Help/ Questions

    I don't know if you want to make a Rabies druid OR a Fury druid, but a Rabies/Fury druid rocks. On your question of solo'ing hell, I'd say yes, no problem. I am playing single player only, so I have been limited so far in what I have for equipment, but I have very little problem and I am level 78 and just starting Act 5 Hell. On Hell difficulty, I had no problem with Andariel, Mephisto, Izual, Hephasto or Diablo, but had a good bit of trouble with Duriel (I hate him with a passion!). I plan to work my way very slowly through Act 5 before facing Baal. I really need some better gear. I think I've skipped past too many areas to get to areas with mobs capable of higher level drops.

    I've looked at many guides on Rabies/Fury druids, and of the recommended best equipment, I have very little of it. I have found a Stormshield. My resists are very decent for Hell. I can max my cold and lit and around 45 fire and 25ish poison. I don't know if I've had horrible luck with drops or what. I seem to be in a terrible dry spell for set items or nice uniques. I found a really nice unique the other day that my merc is using (I think was a unique balrog spear maybe?) that pretty much doubled his damage. I found a elite unique club that I have on switch. My main weapon is an exceptional unique club that seemed very useful for this build until I find (or can make) something better. It has +2 to shapeshifting skills and I think +1 to all skills with pretty decent base damage and some added elemental damage and some other mods. My switch weapon jumps my fury damage way up but drops my rabies damage way down.

    All in all my druid is a lot of fun and has done fairly well in Hell diff considering my modest gear.

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    Re: Rabies Fury/ Fury Druid Help/ Questions

    I've never played a Rabies druid, but I have a little bit of experience with Fury Druids.

    Firstly, don't go for max block with wereforms. They block slow, and blocking interrupts Fury. Go for max Vit, and use 2-handed weapons.

    If you want a Fury druid that's good in Hell, you need some decent gear. Not absolutely godly, but decent.

    Your skill points should be:
    20 Werewolf
    20 Lycanthropy
    20 Fury
    20 Oak Sage/Feral Rage (Personally I prefer Feral)
    The remainder of your points should go in the one you didn't max earlier.

    I've never PvPed, so I can't tell you how good they are for that.

    If you're playing on Battlenet, a Fury druid can be used to hunt the Ubers, see this guide: Ribcracker Fury Druid Uber Killer Guide.

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    Re: Rabies Fury/ Fury Druid Help/ Questions

    I could help if you were more specific on what you wanted to do with your wolife.

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    Re: Rabies Fury/ Fury Druid Help/ Questions

    I'm going for: 20 Lycantropy, 20 Rabies, 20 Fury, 20 PC, rest into Werewolf. This build should be very fun. I will have two main attacks. It's going to be something like a Zealot with Uber Venom thing. Cool stuff.


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