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    [Bug] AdvSearch display

    I wouldn't be surprised if this were part and parcel of the other problems that you already know about; if so, I apologize.

    But this looks like a separate bug, so I'll report it here. I was playing with the "Customize Results" adding a column displaying all shield's base block chance (NB: Not an affix)

    The search succeeded, but in the block chance (Min and Max) columns, it had this instead of values:
    Notice: Undefined index: blockChanceMin in /var/home/diablo3/public_html/db/templates/t_advList.php on line 117

    I haven't experimented with other columns, so it might just be blockChanceMin and blockChanceMax, or it might be a problem with other columns as well.

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    Re: [Bug] AdvSearch display

    Yeah the advanced search (I was just talking to Rush about this seconds ago) is not using the current system. I need to change a few things to get it working again, if you do a search from an earlier patch ( like 6 or 7 ) it works fine, not like that helps you any.

    So, sorry about that. It'll be fixed up soonish!


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