Ya that's what I figured. Side note. I got my barbarian geared in GF and with 5 stacks on him I have +314% GF. I must have made 200k last night in Act1. I start my quest just after Leorics Mannar, but go to the Festering Woods first, clear the 2 outside elites, the Event if it's there and the 2 dungeon elites, then off to the Cemetary of the Forsaken search for the elite outside, but he wasn't there, go find the elites in the 3 crypts and do the events then off to the dungeon / Jailer / Butcher. I'm going to keep track of what I actuall make next time. I'm a little bit more squishy but still kill everything with ease. Helps that my enchantress does just over 3k dmg. I was finding stacks of 2500+ gold. Not everytime but still finding them. Pretty awesome