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    How does Barbarian porgression work? Stepping into Nightmare towards Inferno

    I have a 36 Barbarian in Act 1 Nightmare. Step into a public game (checking to see how barbs are build) seeing barbs in my level with health between 5 - 6k with really good damage (better than mine i dont know the exact numbers didn't inspect). And i am getting a little confused and insecure on gearing my barb. What i should be focusing for barbs stat wise when it comes to gear (e.g. Life, Damage, Protection). My friends are telling me to keep a good balance of Strength and Vitality Attribute wise and to equip empty slots with attribute gems. I am still confused on how i should read stats and compare between gears with/without (bad english im sorry).

    I have included a screenshot.

    Thank you again Diablo Gurus i really enjoy this game and want to step further into understanding my barbarian than just blindly picking out items with green stats highlighted over.

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    Re: How does Barbarian porgression work? Stepping into Nightmare towards Inferno

    I have not played a barb yet but I think your friends are correct. Load up on Str for damage and vitality for life. Start to work on resistances as it becomes more important the farther you get into the game. Nightmare they are not critical. A good weapon goes along way with high dps. you might check the AU, search for 1 handed weapons for level 36 with str and Vit on them and see where the dps is. then try to find one similar with maybe 90% of the stats (if you are going self found need to be realistic) the one thing i purchased from the auction house is second tier square gems (they are cheap) and a good weapon. Weapon makes a huge difference. If you are behind pubbies but still killing ok I would not worry about it. If you are not killing ok I would try to upgrade.

    Also check out our barbarian forum for tips on builds and how to best use skills.

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    Re: How does Barbarian porgression work? Stepping into Nightmare towards Inferno

    Until Act 4 of Hell (for barbs) resistances are not really needed as long as you have high armor (70% or so for your level w/buffs) and enough health to take hits. I would focus on Vit over Str and if you find yourself not doing enough damage I would go to the AH and pick up a new weapon (I found this helpful every few levels I would sell my old weapon and buy a new one).

    Once you get into the late 40's early 50's search for weapons with "Reduced Level Requirement" and change the level you are searching to "up to 60". For example if you are level 50 search for up to level 60 items with at least 10 "reduced level requirement" and then as you level up change your search parameters. By using this strategy I had a 450dps one handed sword at level 52 for less than 30k gold and then was able to upgrade at level 58 to a 800dps sword w/str and vit for about 350k gold that I am still using on my barb. This also is a good strategy for other item slots as well.

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    Re: How does Barbarian porgression work? Stepping into Nightmare towards Inferno

    As HC barb i do recomend to prefer STR over VIT as STR gives both armor and dps and VIT gives armor (if u use that passive) and hp. HP isnt that much important. To recover em faster than u loose is. If u have to choose one of 200 str + 100 vit of 100 str + 200 vit str one is preferable as u can do more damage and leech more HP with it.

    Yet its not really matters until u hit 60. for 1-59 just equip some good armor with as much str and vit as u can afford and use most dps weapon of your choice and ull be uber fine as dying sometimes on softcore isnt big deal.


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