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    Re: Ugrading the Blacksmith

    Trying to delve into design here:

    Yep, a tome of secrets is magic. While the other tomes can be used only by one artisan (Blacksmith/Jeweler) , the tome of secrets can be used by any artisan of any speciality (sad part is that we only have 2 artisans in the world), that's why they are magical.

    You can buy them on AH for cheap, if you use AH and want to upgrade your artisans on early difficulties, namely, your Jeweler. (If I could make my blacksmith dumber in exchange of gold...)

    Edit: sorry, I'm blind, didn't saw the "I never plan to use the AH" part on the OP. On earlier levels, blacksmith is good, but it seems to be better just farm for gear and save gold for repair costs/gem upgrades than spending time with blacksmith.

    Normally, you want Stat, Vit, All Res wherever you can. Godly mod(s) of your build in good numbers somewhere (life on hit, crit chance, crit damage, stuff...). While you can handle the game with big stick of hurt (your best dps weapon) and a 2 stats (early-mid hell), blacksmith is good. After that, if AH isn't your thing, imo you should save gold for vendors (there are blues with dual stat + all res)/mfing/gems/repair costs.

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