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Thread: Immune, WTH?

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    Immune, WTH?

    I'm in HELL ACT I, trying to get the relic so I an go to the drowned temple. The ancient warrior or whatever is completely immune to anything I do, my caltrops hardly slow them down at all. So wth am I supposed to do, just give up? Thanks for any tips.

    Feel like I'm in the movie Independence Day, the aliens all have energy shields. That is just cheating.

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    Re: Immune, WTH?

    Is he shielded? If so wait until the shield is down for a moment and start hitting/shooting.

    If he just keeps shrugging off your hits, get a better weapon.

    Later you will face sometimes uniques that have invulnerable minions. Then you ignore the minions and keep hitting the unique, minions die when the unique dies.


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