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    Re: Coming IAS nerf is 50%-75%?!

    Quote Originally Posted by Enso View Post
    Blizz's argument is that "IAS is so good that everyone has to use it, we want builds without it to be just as viable." This is irrational, because everyone uses vitality, should we nerf that too? What about primary stats? And what's wrong with having a powerful and valuable stat that stands out from the rest of the lackluster incremental increases that constitute the affix pool?

    So the question is, will IAS even be worth devoting an affix slot to after this nerf? And if it's not, what new methods can monks use to get by in inferno?
    Yeh, nerf vitality too! And also, start using thorns! Who knows with 10k dmg return, if you manage to endure 100 hits (lol) the elites with 1m life will actually die! lulz! Aaaaaahhh.... Actizzard......

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    Re: Coming IAS nerf is 50%-75%?!

    This really is bad news. I expected as much, but I still had hopes that the monk would not get screwed on this one. Fast attack speed + LoH +fast spirit regen was the only thing really making the monk viable. Guess I may have to play another class until 1.04 :(

    we'll see though, don't know for sure until we actually play the patch.

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    Re: Coming IAS nerf is 50%-75%?!

    It's true that we won't know how bad this hurts us or if it even does until we know how much they're reducing monster damage and health by. However, since monks are the most IAS dependent class in the game, they would have to nerf monsters HARD to make up for this. We shall see.

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    Re: Coming IAS nerf is 50%-75%?!

    Supposedly some IAS gear isn't even working right now, so idk, maybe some things will simply even out. Something about some of the IAS on non-weapons being coded wrong so that in practice, your pants with IAS makes you hump faster, not hit faster. We'll have to see how badly this will hurt.

    I, for one, think that IAS is too powerful - for all classes - as it is right now. Hopefully monks will get other buffs, because I definitely agree that we suffer the most from this change (barbs would, but the way they play right now they don't really rely on generators that need IAS to fuel their Fury)

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    Re: Coming IAS nerf is 50%-75%?!

    well i was really concerned first ; but iam actually just doing fine with my monk and i only have 31% IAS which equates to only 1,73 ATS
    i doubt that i will get screwed over if that changes to something like 1,47 ATS. especially since they said they also adjust the difficulty.

    and that is because i never set my priority on IAS from the moment i knew they were going to nerf it (even though i didnt know that the nerf itself would be quite this severe).

    also IAS was always overpowered ; and anyone who played seriously knew it. which is why IAS was incredibly overpriced right from the start. so i focused on gear with High rolls on Attributes which are considered medicore in comparsion to IAS.

    and now I am sitting on a monk with 54k HP 880 All ress ~6300 AR with enchantress (11,8 k with keen eye / Hard Target),
    750 HP reg and 550 LOH.
    and 19,5 k DPS. ( iam currently only having a 750 dps weapon with 1.3 ats 71 critdmg 100 vit / 180 dex )
    iam currently piling money for a good weapon with ~1k dps and ~600 LOH maybe some dex / critdmg.

    I didn't mention these stats to show off. but to show that IAS is not everything. ( though your skill choice could be pivotal.)

    I guess this patch will hit most monks the hardest. but generally speaking i don't think that IAS is the root of the monks problem.
    but the poorly designed toolkit of the Monk. not only is it the smallest of all classes.. its full of clearly bad decisions insufficient and ineffective Spirit Spenders. and poor design decision of Dual Wield and 2hand weapons.

    Dual wield is incredibly expensive if the intention is not gimp yourself. and 2hand weapons lack good affixes. in fact except for the elemental damage delta affixes the 2hand affixes are exactly the same amount and strength as the 1hand affixes. which makes for very poor and unsatisfying weapons. how about allowing 2 sockets in 2hand weapons and 6-8 affixes instead of 4-6 ?

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    Re: Coming IAS nerf is 50%-75%?!

    If this is true, I really wonder what I should do with my monk. Not that fun to see my friend playing his wizard with much worse gear than my monk has, and he's farming act 3 now when I can barely handle act 2. My guess is that he'll have an even easier time in act 3 after next patch, whereas things will be exactly the same for me in act 2 as IAS nerf and nerf of mobs in act 2 probably will even out each other.


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