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    Is incgamers owned by....

    a transparent corporation?

    I must admit that you guys probably aren't sure what I'm driving at here, but bear with me. At the very least, forum mods here wouldn't be particularly biased on this topic. Or so I imagine.

    I know something of how phishing works, and I also know the rules about passwords and community sites: don't use the same password on a community site that you use in-game. All fair, but I absent-mindedly botched the rule. Every time I've compromised security on a game account, I can think of at least one thing I did wrong. This time, it's pretty glaring: for about a week my password was the same on this site as it was in d3.

    I'm almost positive I didn't get phished - although, I've caught myself ALMOST being fooled by particularly clever social engineering before. Anything is possible, I suppose.

    Didn't actually get stripped. Received the "you have been disconnected due to another computer on your account..." message. Quickly logged back in, and continued checking my game screen every 5 seconds while changing all my passwords. Managed to save the hassle of a rollback.

    Not a QQ thread. Looking for info: Who owns incgamers?
    Also a reminder to readers to be wary of ALL sites.

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    Re: Is incgamers owned by....

    In a word, me.

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