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    Questions For Veterans With Good Memories

    When Diablo 2 was first released was available? Or did it take a week for it to go online? For some reason I remember not being available when D2 first launched.

    Also, were lances in Diablo 2 when it was first released (somebody told me this)? If not, which patch introduced them?


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    Re: Questions For Veterans With Good Memories

    Lances were supposed to be in the game at time of release (1.00), but could not actually be found until patch 1.04. According to the patch notes for 1.04: "Lances, Holy Water Sprinklers, Grim Helms, War Clubs, and Stilettos can now be dropped by monsters and chests."

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    Re: Questions For Veterans With Good Memories

    I think Bnet came out in the launch. There was a Stress Test before the launch to test the servers.. this wasnt enough of course I remember the first years the servers were very unstable..


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