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    N new friends. Got started late, came from Median

    Hey, guys

    I've been off battle net for a long time. I switched over to Median XL awhile ago and used that one popular server (not sure if i'm allowed to name so won't). Anyways, most of those guys stayed with median so my buddy list is super small. And I hate playing diablo solo.

    So I'm only up to A1 nm because of the late start, so if there's anyone out there who's also just starting up a bit late or if any of you just started a 2nd toon, you can either pm me or drop a reply below and I'll try and get back quickly. I'll be on a bunch the next two weeks for sure, so really east or west is ok with me.


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    Re: N new friends. Got started late, came from Mediander=0><

    hey man if ur still playing median xl hit me up ill play with yha


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