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    Re: Best stats, skill equipment against ubers

    Quote Originally Posted by crawlingdeadman View Post
    Upgraded to Myrmidon Greaves via 1 Ko Rune + 1 Lem Rune + 1 Perfect Diamond + Exceptional Unique Armor = Elite Version of Armor

    You don't need one, kick her head in. Crushing blow, Open Wounds, and something that casts Life Tap are what you need to kill all the Ubers and mini Ubers.

    Read this guide. You've made quite a few threads asking about the Ubers, but it doesnt look like you've spent much time looking in the Guide Stickies found in every character forum. You should probably read up a bit before you try UT.
    No i have beaten all ubers using Barbarian , Necromancer, Druid ,Paladdin ,Assassin and amazon in single player .Only the socceress is left as i consider her the weakest of the lot as she is neither a melee character to give crushing blows and also doesnt have an army like the necromancer

    Among the mini-ubers ,i am struggling with assassin against Lilith and amazon against duriel hence i need a build for both specifically for those 2 mini-ubers . I have beaten the miniubers will all other characters except the sorc

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    Re: Best stats, skill equipment against ubers

    What are your stats? Lilith can be hard, but a steady kick stream and CB will finish her off. The biggest task is making sure she's absolutely solo.


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