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    Re: Confused barb noob

    I didn't know that worked on unique items, thanks a lot man!

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    Re: Confused barb noob

    Quote Originally Posted by Meczor View Post
    I think I will stick to WW then, thanks a lot for the help. Only one more question, shael the bloodtree stump? Shael is a rune but as far as I know you can't rune unique items...
    As zaph said you can use the socket quest reward to socket the bloodtree, putting a shael in it is dependent on if it will get you to the next breakpoint with your gear setup but it will most likely help you in your situation.

    The question between WW/Concentrate/Beserk is a preference thing. Beserk and Concentrate are single target and they both have their ups and downs. WW is obviously multi target but doesn't have the large damage boost that the other skills have. It really is a trade off and all of them are workable using a combination of attacking and your war cries.

    Also, just because you are in single player does not mean that you can not trade items, we have a very active trading community for people that play single player, look under the trading forums and read the rules there if you are interested.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vivi View Post
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    Re: Confused barb noob

    If you decide to go with concentrate or berserk, try making insight or obedience poles. They have incredible damage and the runes are pretty easy to find.

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    Re: Confused barb noob

    Concentrate is excellent with 20 skill points in BO(synergy). More important than skill points in the actual skill.
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