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    The plot, does anyone even care?

    I was going to post this in the lore section, but does anyone even check that?

    Does anyone even care that the plot is holy ****, wtf, epic omg, punch yourself in the dick bad. I realize this wasn't going to be a dark game, but my god they could have at least let the plot make some god damn sense.

    Diablo - Ummm.... wtf is doing on here with this guy (or girl?). Blizzard released a short animation clip giving us some background on what is going on between heaven and hell. In the clip imperius kills diablo, and says that the plan has been sprung. Was this really your plan diablo? Have adria get captured by one of your bretheren, know they won't kill her (what she was used for we don't really know), all the other prime evils will get captured into one soulstone which isn't even put together yet and took the ressurrection of some old hoaradrim to reunite. Also, all the evils are in it somehow. THEN, adria would find your daughter to use as your vessel. Ummm what an evil genius plan, seems feasible.

    Which brings me to my next point.

    Adria - Wtf is a demon doing with a human / nephalem woman. I mean wtf... Diablo procreated with adria!?!?!??! WTF?!?!?!??!?!? Was thsi also part of his epic plan? to make a child so that after he was vanquished twice he could use her as a vessel. Why do demons have any interest in having sex with anything, let alone a nephalem or human? And grats for Adria not using her nephalem power to help the people of tristram in D1. She just sat over there in her shack all the way out of town making some ****ing potions and selling you books of spells (ohhh and having sex with diablo on the side). WTF. Maybe just poison the guy that was trying to kill diablo and mess his **** up if you love diablo so much. Why write this MINOR character back in the game if it is going to make absolutely no ****ing sense at all, I don't understand.

    Leah - This is diablo's vessel? His daughter thingy? I mean wtf. In D2 diablo had an epic vessel, the extremely powerful warrior which killed him in the previous title. Sure, it made little sense as to why the warrior shoved the soulstone in his head, BUT IT STILL MADE SOME SENSE. One could rationalize that the warrior wanted to contain diablo and thought he could because he was powerful, or maybe the warrior had gone mad after the quest through hell. It also felt much more epic, you were slaying the previous warrior and Diablo was somehow more epic because he had a strong vessel. Leah on the other hand is a whiny little wench that constantly states she has no clue how to use her powers. Cool vessel bro. Lets just write in a new character to add nothing to the story. If this girl comes back in an expansion for some unknown reason it is going to kill me. I have no attachment to her, she was nothing but boring, yet something tells me they will bring her back.

    Black Soulstone - This thing makes no sense. None. Zilch. You need to acquire it by reviving some old dude to get it for you. Sure, ill live with that. BUT IT HAS ALL THE EVILS IN IT ALREADY (besides belial and azmodan)?!?!?!?!? I MEAN WTF. WTF!!!!!!!!!!! I thought we smashed diablo and mephisto's soulstone in the previous game. I don't recall anything happening to baal's, but we had it. Just wtf!??!?! It's like the devs were thinking 'ohhh soulstones were cool in D2, lets just combine them into one and it will be even cooler!'

    Magda - Another WTF moment for me. Who is this fairy looking *****, and what does she have to do with the world of sanctuary. I mean... wtf. She is so lame. Why not have any other sort of character play this role, it is so weak.

    Cain - the dude died. finally. congrats at getting something right.

    Tyreal - I thought what happened with him was pretty awesome in the story. Leaves a whole hell of a lot of questions, but all that happened had at least made some sort of sense. Not like the other mind bogglingly stupid crap.

    Worldstone - For those of you that remember the plot line from D2, the worldstone was destroyed. Luckily for sanctuary that apparently had little to no effect for anyone. In fact, that is too complicated for blizzard so lets just NOT TALK ABOUT IT. Instead, lets write in some black soulstone to combine all the evils into one so we can make diablo feel epic because he / she is now some super evil demon. I mean, not like the destruction of the world stone could have allowed for all the demons to flow through hell into sanctuary. How can we work with that plot?!?!?! HOW?!?!?! Maybe they could say that after coming through that portal the demons are at full force as opposed to being a weaker version bound to a soulstone. Maybe going this route would have allowed them to not have to make some completely *** rotten plot that makes ABSOLUTEY NO SENSE, and it could have been not based around Adria. IDK, who the hell am I, I don't write stories for video games.

    Overall- Ug. Just ugg.... The plot is so bad it makes me want to smash my head into a wall. They got some things right like killing off cain, and the tyreal plot line is pretty interesting so far. But wow... they got so much wrong it hurts. I understand the plot isn't going to be super dark and gruesome, but the least they could have done was have the plot make some sort of sense. This plot is epic fail, reminiscent of Star Wars episode one (maybe I'm just looking at Star Wars 4/5/6 with rose tinted glasses though). Lets just forget about any of the plot from D2 and make some bright shiny meteor to help you forget about it. Why?

    Sure, it doesn't really affect the gameplay, but the way it is set up now we are forced to listen to the plot we play this game. It is so bad I think they could have let a 10 year old child write it.

    end rant.

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    Re: The plot, does anyone even care?

    Agreed...the plot is very poor and incoherent (even if it is a fantasy story)

    I don't care too much, for after looking at the videos during my first achievement in normal, I won't anymore thereafter nor will I listen to the quest "dialogues".

    But, overall, it's a shame for a game that had been in work for 10 years.

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    Re: The plot, does anyone even care?

    Because you took the time to write this and will probably get tanked by fanboys, I will agree with you. The story is fairly lame. I'm sure they will use the excuse, its not about the story its about the action to excuse this mess I'm sure. One would think after 6-7 years of time that this iteration took to make the creative writers of the story would of decided, "ya know, this story is ****ing retarded", and fixed it. I could of wrote a better story then they did in that amount of time.

    It's a shame the lore goers waited so long for this. What's worse, we get to hear this damn story over and over while we item grind until they decide to give us the option to turn the **** off.

    Good points, honestly you could of gone on about more of it.

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    Re: The plot, does anyone even care?

    It's really bad I'm just disregarding the entire story line. Diablo 2's story although it wasn't as good as Diablo 1 opened up a lot of the world and the story is never thrown in your face. it was in the background and soaked through the game. The Diablo 3 story is just contrived and gets in the way.

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    Re: The plot, does anyone even care?

    The previous Diablo games were all style and no substance, and I loved it. Video games don't necessarily need substance because you create your own with imagination. D3 has neither style or substance. And the most baffling mistake is that they thought it was a good idea to have to the bad story imposed on the players so much that they have to constantly hit esc while playing

    *Adding a mandatory "the gameplay is still good" just to calm down certain people lol

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    Re: The plot, does anyone even care?

    Liked D1 and D2's story better...darker, more 'real', made more sense.

    D3's story is kind of!?

    With that said, the franchise for me has never been about the's just the hack and slash pvp fun

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    Re: The plot, does anyone even care?

    You did, and me too.
    A bit weak and the ending was pretty MEH.

    This is my ultimate MEH....oh so you left me with "YOU . the TS" to mark the soulstones. <----------Huh...tats all.?

    You forgot about Butcher. THe ACT 1 BOSS where the hell did he came from i was thinking it might be magdha instead.

    And who was destroyed on the HellForge? Poor memory me. Was it Mephisto?
    Someone can enlightened me? So before D3 we slain any Evils their souls just go back to Hell and we wait for them to come back??
    So Diablo's , Baal, Duriel , Andariel. ....

    And with the Black Soulstone story i thought BLizzard can do more on the Final fight.
    I would love to see battling out the 6 other Evils (probably moderated diffculty) one after another till the last Diablo fight.

    I think Adria is in the expansion.


    But seriously after the hardcovers stuffs and the actual game is not matching up the standards they set themselves.

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    Re: The plot, does anyone even care?

    I think we can safely conclude that the story, for a lot of people, is... wtf.

    On a more serious note, it did start better than it ended. I loved the first cinematics, actually, and while the one at the end of act I was a tad bit cheesy (Tyrael ripping off wings), I couldn't help feeling engrossed. It was a good cinematic. But the question you raise is a valid one: does anyone care? For an ARPG, story is fine. I've seen a lot worse.

    - Snow
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    Re: The plot, does anyone even care?

    Yeah... I don't really like the story either. Especially the ending.

    I mean wtf... Diablo procreated with adria!?!?!??!
    In re: this though, my impression is that she had a child with the warrior player/charachter from diablo one (before he was possessed by diablo? after he was possessed? unclear.) I like to pretend it's before he was possessed, and then Adria developed all sorts of mental problems inducing her to sacrifice their child in an effort to bring him back.

    That's more interesting to me than assuming Adria had some unbelievably intricate scheme going on these past 20 years, including the time she spent the original hero kill diablo, which is a bit hard to explain away.

    But whatever. Yeah. It's not a great story.

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    Re: The plot, does anyone even care?

    To answer the thread title. Care factor is 0.


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