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    Anyone else notice crafting getting worse as you level up?

    With more and more item mods becoming available and being primarily interested in +Str and +Vit, I just can't seem to craft anything worthwhile anymore (currently level 41). Does Normal difficulty spoil us in regards to crafting, where almost every item gets either +Vit or +Primary stat? Basicaly, I'm wondering if I'm just having bad luck or if anybody else also noticed this.

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    Re: Anyone else notice crafting getting worse as you level up?

    Haven't gotten to your level, but I'd have to say that crafting should never have been designed to grant you items that outshine drops. In early stages, it works fine to fill a spot that you're unlucky with. It should never be the endgame. Also, I think everyone hopes that the itemization gets an overhaul so that there's more than two or three sought after effects.

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    Re: Anyone else notice crafting getting worse as you level up?

    I think it's useless... I think you should be able to get items better than any other item, but so incredibly hard to get that you spend millions trying.

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    Re: Anyone else notice crafting getting worse as you level up?

    Due to the random nature, I see a duality: crafting should be able to net you better items than drops, but 98% of the time (or more) it should be worse. Crafting is basically a glorified gambling system. You pick your item type, you hand over gold and mats (which came from items that were salvaged but if sold would have been MORE gold), and you roll the dice. More often than not, you miss the result you were shooting for.

    I've got my smith at the highest level I can at this point in the game, and yet I've tried no more than a dozen crafts. Wanna spend your money wisely? Shop. Hit up the vendors as often as you can. You can get some good upgrades from them, and it doesn't cost a single gold piece to see if they've got improvements for you. The three best weapons I've found came as loot drops, but I've seen some nearly equivalent items in town. I see armor upgrades semi-frequently, as well. As for the two dozen pieces of jewelry I've had, I think I've found one rare ring that I've worn; everything else came from vendors.

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    Re: Anyone else notice crafting getting worse as you level up?

    The problem with shopping is the crap there is lower level than you are.

    IE shop A1 NM, you will be level 32-40 there. The shops sell req level 21-26 items.. fairly worthless.

    Why do you think all those blue STAT/VIT items are being sold in the AH? People are picking them up off vendors and selling them for a significant markup to players who are behind them in progression. That's why they're so expensive, if you pay 10k for something at the vendor you aren't putting it on the AH for 5k, you're gonna put it up for 15-20k.. for a magic item.


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