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Thread: Wots yer build?

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    Re: Wots yer build?

    On the weekend I finished nightmare with demon hunter (yay!), diablo took me a couple of goes (well.. 5, one was so bad it was laughable – I was slow off the mark and got grabbed straight up = insta death) but once I got the hang of it it was tense yet under control.

    Level 49
    (Was trying to do full clears at the end to make it to 50 on the dot..oh well)
    DPS – 2469.34
    Life – 12874
    Str: 221
    Dex: 873
    Int: 134
    Vit: 478

    In general gameplay I played through (solo) with:
    LMB: Entangling Shot – Chain Gang
    RMB: Elemental Arrow – Frost Arrow
    1: Caltrops – Jagged Spikes
    2: Smoke Screen – Lingering Fog
    3: Preparation – Battle Scars
    4: Companion – Bat Companion
    Passives: Archery, Cull the Weak, Vengeance

    I'm sure additional damage dealing could be done, I did experiment with some of the other damage dealers for a long time (multishot/rapid fire) which I also enjoyed yet later on this setup seemed to handle those 'oh sh**' moments the best and still abolsutely rip through levels.

    Against Diablo I went with:

    LMB: Enangling Shot – Justice is served
    RMB: Impale – Chemical Burn
    1: Mortal Enemy – Marked for Death
    2: Smoke Screen – Lingering Fog
    3: Preparation – Battle Scars
    4: Companion – Bat Companion

    Passives: Archery, Steady Aim, Vengeance

    Since then I've been playing act 1 hell and straight up my DPS was ok for non-boss groups however boss/elites were very very tough with a huge amount of kiting required.

    I've geared up more and re-ran for extra xp (something like 6k dps and 17k life now on level 53) however Elites still give me trouble as caltrops don't really slow them too much and they ignore my follower - will keep playing around with skills.


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    Re: Wots yer build?

    I'm trying to find something that lets me creep through Inferno with a chance of killing the boss packs rather than parking/skipping them all.

    DWing Monk.
    L: Fists of Thunder (Thunderclap)
    R: Sweeping Wind (Master of Wind)
    1: Breath of Heaven (Blazing Wrath)
    2: Serenity (Peaceful Repose)
    3: Mystic Ally (Air Ally)
    4: Mantra of Healing (Boon of Protection)

    Passives: The Guardians Path, Transcendence, One With Everything.

    I've been trying to find dex, vit, fire res, all res gear. And I desperately try to sneak some IAS on the armor, it offers a ridiculous damage boost, not to mention more spirit generation. Gameplay: get all the passive damage going, hold LMB on something, spam mantra of healing.

    Hour by hour my damage decreases while my defenses increase so killing ordinary mobs is a lot slower than it could be, but I'm relatively capable of finding 5 boss packs and killing inferno SK. I suppose I should try to eke out enough gold for a weapon with some serious dps.

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    Re: Wots yer build?

    I'm at the start of inferno with a witch doctor, up to skeleton king. For levelling to this stage I used primarily:

    Firebomb (Flash Fire)
    Firebats (Direbats)
    Spirit Walk (heal rune)
    Gargantuan (berserk)
    Fetish Army (CD rune)
    Hex Fetish (heal rune)

    Passives: Jungle Fort, Blood Ritual, Spiritual Attunement

    Have dabbled with other passives and skills like Vision Quest, but it didn't suit my playstyle. I also used a heavy summon build during normal, but it started to suck towards the end of it, so I stopped using stuff like Zombie Dogs.

    Going to try another build tonight

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    Re: Wots yer build?

    In search of a bit more challenge in the early game, I made my witch doctor into a pure spirit doctor. As of almost the end of act 2 (level 23) his current skill loadout is:

    Haunt - Consuming Spirit: Primary attack skill. Damage over time, plus increases the witch doctor's life regen noticeably
    Grasp of the Dead - Groping Eels: Area of Effect slow, runed for more damage. This is actually my biggest damage dealer in most cases.
    Soul Harvest - Siphon: Area of Effect intelligence booster/heal. Makes everything else that much more efficient.
    Spirit Barrage - The Spirit is Willing: Rarely used, for those times I need a single target nuke. Basically LARGE mini boss or boss encounters, when I have nothing else to cast because Haunt and Grasp are already on the target.
    Spirit Walk - Jaunt: Get out of dead free. 3 seconds of spirit walk is enough to avoid waller traps, it breaks jailers, etc.
    Mass Confusion - Unruned: For those really big ugly packs. Why fight them alone when they can kill each other?

    Passives: Spiritual Attunement (more mana/mana regen), Blood Ritual (15% of mana costs paid with life / life regen)

    I figured this would be a gimmick build, I started it at the beginning of Act 2. It was frightfully effective. (Used Horrify before I had Mass Confusion). Generally I lead with a haunt or two, drop Grasp on the biggest pack I can, and run in to Soul Harvest them, thus boosting the damage of those ticking damage over time spells. For most packs, with 2 or 3 haunts running, my life regen is high enough that I take minimal damage.

    At 30, I'll probably throw Spirit Vessel up as a 3rd passive, and might put Horrify back in for Mass Confusion.

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    Re: Wots yer build?

    I'm currently playing a semi-twinked wizard. He's level 35 at the moment with 1.9k dps and 8k hp.

    The build :!YXc!aaaaaZ

    The signature skill can be anything but I decided on Chain Lightning because it looks better (Waiting on Thrown Blade or Lightning Blast).
    Arcane Orb is my AoE hard hitter.
    Teleport is used to go in melee range so I can shot point blank Arcane Orbs.
    Diamond Skin is used to allow me to shoot point blank Arcane Orbs without taking damage.
    Familiar/Magic Weapon/Passives are all used/picked to increase damage.

    So far I'm having a blast killing everything after getting my head ripped of on my barbarian. I'll of course have to adjust later but Arcane Orb/Diamond Skin will definitely stay, maybe Teleport too.

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    Re: Wots yer build?

    I have a gargantuan summoned, splinter dart for ST and Flash Fire for AOE. Soul Harvest (life leeching rune), Fetish Army (for big groups) and Locust Swarm.

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    Re: Wots yer build?

    So I finished normal with a barbarian.

    Right mouse button: Bash(Onslaught)
    Left mouse button: Seismic slam(Extra damage and knockback )

    Q: Ground Stomp(more radius)
    W: Leap(Extra armor)
    E: Charge(Extra damage)
    R: Ancient Spear(Dread Spear)

    Weapon: The biggest baddest two hander I could find. I crafted an executioner sword, then I found a Hammer, then I crafted a two-handed axe. Damage on the LCS is very nearly 496 when I beat normal

    Why those skills?

    Well, I like that bash knocks dead enemies far across the screen, especially with Onslaught. I didn't use a rune for a long time, because the first one removes knockback. Also tried Cleave with Scattering blast on the right button, it's good for crowds. I have my left button skills on the right button, because it makes it easier on my index finger.

    I chose Seismic slam because it's just awesome. It's also good for killing groups of weak monsters. I used Hammer of the ancients as the poor man's Seismic slam at the earlier levels.

    I used Ground Stomp to give myself some breathing room when the I was getting overwhelmed. I think it's the second rune the gives you more radius and lets you pull things closer to yourself. Used that for a long while, but I later switched the rune that makes it do damage.

    Leap is pretty self explanatory. It let's you jump around. Also good for catching casters and other pesky critters.

    Furious charge is super awesome. Used it to kill groups and to get around. And to gather health orbs in the heat of battle.

    I had Rend as my last skills for abit, tried Earthquake, but none agreed with me. In the end I settled with Ancient spear to help me generate fury, to attack at range and when I got the Dread spear rune, to heal abit.

    For passives I used the one with extra critical strike and damage, the one with 3% life leech, Weapon master(gives various bonuses based on my weapon type. I used an axe and got + 10% crit chance).

    Overall this skills set worked really well, I died maybe 4-5 times in normal. 2-3 of those times to act 2 and 3 bosses.

    EDIT: LCS is a term everyone understands. I doesn't really matter what it actually means if you know what I want to say, does it? It's like the floppy disk used as a save icon in most software.

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    Re: Wots yer build?

    Having to get used to using 1,2,3,4 as my skill buttons because my key bindings won't stick. Haven't unlocked the 4th slot yet. Currently using (level 18 (I think) Demon Hunter):

    left button: Bola Shot with the first skill rune (makes a bigger boom, which is always nice)
    right button: Rapid Fire
    1: Caltrops with the second skill rune (freezes monsters for a couple of seconds)
    2: whatever the skill is that replenishes Discipline (so I can semi-spam Caltrops)
    3. Companion
    Passive: Vengeance (I think)

    Basically cast Caltrops to slow stuff down, then blast with a combination of Rapid Fire and Bola Shot. Rinse and repeat. Wielding dual crossbows.

    @Pijus: we're in D3 now. Shouldn't it be LDS (Lying Details Screen), or even LDT (Lying Details Tab)? And has it been shown that it lies?

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    Re: Wots yer build?

    I'm currently playing a semi-twinked wizard. He's level 35 at the moment with 1.9k dps and 8k hp.
    Well, that's why I was dying in act4 with my sorc all the time and couldn't kill Izual and have difficulty with Daiblo later. 250 DPS and 2K life is realy low...

    Anyways I started Barbarian, I am now lvl 43 and enjoy him more than a sorc.
    L Cleave Rupture for AoE damage
    R Bash with Clobber for stun
    1 Ground Stomp with Wrenching Smash for Stun and bringing enemies close to me to Cleave them.
    2 Seismic Slam with Stagger for Stun and dealing with ranged mobs
    3 Ignore Pain with Ignorance is Bliss (lifesteal) for surviving
    4 Earthquake with different runes (not settled yet) for damage dealing.

    While untwinked I have a lot of difficulties with most of the champions and unique monsters. So far casting Earthquake+Ignore Pain with lifesteal worked the best for me. If they are still alive after earthquake, I use all my stunning skills to finish them off.
    750 DPS and 8K life on lvl 43.

    EDIT: Passives: Ruthless (increase criticals), Weapon Mastery (+15%ED with swords), Berserker Rage (+25% ED while at full Fury)

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    Re: Wots yer build?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hrus View Post
    Well, that's why I was dying in act4 with my sorc all the time and couldn't kill Izual and have difficulty with Daiblo later. 250 DPS and 2K life is realy low...
    It's not actually that low. All my characters are self found, and tend to finish act 4 with around 350-450 dps, and 1500-1800 life usually.
    Twinking might be necessary later. So far, nope.


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