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Thread: Wots yer build?

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    Wots yer build?

    So, I have D3, the full, non-starter edition. I like it well enough, although I can't wait to play with FE.

    I thought a good thing to discuss is what sort of character we're playing. What skills are you using, which runes, how do you combine them? Anything you're focusing on in your gear?

    I'll go first. Playing a wizard. Using Frost Nova with shatter, Shock bolts with explosive bolts, freeze ray, wave of force, ice armor. I am currently at the start of act2. Gear isn't particularly focused on anything. I do like to get MF when I can.

    The thing I like about this combination of skills is that it decimates groups of smaller enemies. Cast frost nova, they all get frozen. Cast shock bolts, and when you on them dies, there's a little shock explosion that usually kills a few more enemies who also explode, and they also cause their buddies to explode. Combine that with a 50% chance to cast frost nova when a frozen enemy dies, and you're nigh untouchable by smaller critters.

    Freeze ray is my single target attack, and wave of force I use for breaking pots. And sometimes knocking away dangerous enemies.

    Passive perk is power hungry. Turn health globes into mana potion basically.

    So, what have you got going?

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    Re: Wots yer build?

    Wiz, level 32 right now.

    Gear: Everything is max damage. Every item has intelligence, +damage, or +ias, or 2 of those. I've been lucky I guess, and many items also have things like +vita (life is ~2400).

    Skills: Electrocute (chain lightning), Disintegrate (convergence), Diamond Skin (prism), Archon, Magic Weapon (electrify), Familiar (sparkflint), Astral Presence, Power Hungry, Glass Cannon.

    Act 3 was a cake walk. Act 4 has been mostly so; also not quite done with that act. (all normal diff)

    Listed damage is now 625. The forces of hell melt before me. I rarely get hit, and when I do, I just hit Diamond Skin and then a health pot.

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    Re: Wots yer build?

    I've been running a monk (for the moment; I keep getting distracted and switching) and just got to the Nightmare Skeleton King.

    My skills are: Deadly Reach with Piercing Trident, Fists of Thunder with Lightning Flash, Breath of Heaven with Circle of Life, Serenity with Peaceful Repose, Mystic Ally with Water Ally and Mantra of Evasion with Divine Protection. My passives are Transcendence, Sixth Sense and Guardian's Path.

    The general gameplan is to either get behind the Water Ally or kite while using Deadly Reach. This clears out groups very well without getting me into too much trouble. If I get something on its own (like when boss packs get spread out from kiting) I usually switch to Fists of Thunder to kill more quickly. My chance to dodge is in the 50-60% range (depending on which attack skill I'm using), and between Breath of Heaven, Serenity and Transcendence I have a lot of staying power.

    I don't know if I should be stacking dodge so much for general questing, but it's insane versus bosses. The build has a nice combination of AoE, single-target damage and safety. We'll see how it works as I move through Nightmare.

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    Re: Wots yer build?

    I'm only at level 10. Thinking of deleting and restarting so I can play through at normal speed rather than super slow-mo (got a new graphics card). Demon Hunter using Caltrops, Hunger Arrow, and Rapid Fire as my 3 main skills.

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    Re: Wots yer build?

    For now, gear is all about the characters' main stat, vitality, and +damage. I'm also going self-found per character, so no muling/twinking from one character to another. Eventually, I'm really going to want to find some gear that gives +life per hit to help out my survivability.

    My solo character: MissLawless, Demon Hunter clvl40

    Hungering Arrow (Puncturing Arrow for 50% pierce)
    Chakram (Razor Disk for precise, on-a-line/area damage)
    Caltrops (Jagged Spikes for extra damage)
    Impale (Overpenetration for quick, high damage on-a-line)
    Vault (Tumble - 2 Vaults for the price of 1.5)
    Preparation (Battle Scars for a second instant heal)

    Steady Aim (20% ED when enemies are 10+ yards away)
    Vengeance (25 increased Hatred, gain 20 hatred from globes)
    Archery (bows get 15% ED, 2 one-handers get 10% crit chance)

    I'd been rocking dual crossbows ever since they started dropping, but I found a sick socketed bow so I switched over pretty recently. I tend to finagle with some skills from time to time, where the Impale slot is the most frequently changed. Right now I'm wishing I had more crowd control as I'm finding myself back pedaling a lot, especially against champ/elite boss packs. Recently I ran into a double pack, and I literally backtracked halfway across the map to beat 'em. Any battle in an enclosed space is scary scary.

    MP character: TrimDaddy, Monk clvl37

    Crippling Wave (Mangle for extra damage)
    Sweeping Wind (Master of Wind for enhanced duration)
    Seven-Sided Strike (Several Sided Strike for more hits)
    Blinding Flash (Blinding Echo for a secondary blind)
    Breath of Heaven (Circle of Life for a strong secondary party-friendly heal)
    Mantra of Healing (Sustenance, again to be party friendly)

    Resolve (reduce enemy damage when I hit them)
    Seize the Initiative (Armor is increased by 100% of my Dex)
    The Guardian's Path (15% dodge increase)

    This guy's been the only tank for all of normal and some of nightmare up to early-ish Act II. So I've focused mostly on AoE, crowd control, and keeping my allies alive. I had been running with Deadly Reach with the trident rune, but because my weapons aren't great I recently switched to Crippling Wave for more damage. And now I'm much more vulnerable because I can't stand as far away from the action as I used to. Still, it feels very much like my job is to keep enemies distracted while my teammates bomb from the back row. It's getting harder now that the champ/elite packs have two varying mods to them now. Oh, and arcane enchanted is bad if you're not looking out for it.

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    Re: Wots yer build?

    I love builds! I love reading other peoples and planning my own, I approve of this thread. I promised myself to stay away from forums and any d3-related browsing until I finished normal once. Finally I can awe in other peoples creativity.

    I rolling a demon hunter, and when I'm looking at her "build" I find myself wondering if I though I picked a D2 amazon
    I'm level 35 and just starting nightmare, so my runes are somewhat limited.

    Mouse skills:
    Hungering arrow runed to split into 3 arrows. I sometimes switch to puncturing arrow for more pierce against single targets.
    Multishot runed for spamability with half hatred cost. I do love my multishot!

    Keyboard skills:
    I've been running rapid fire since I unlocked it. Currently runed to produce rockets when channeling. This is my single target boss-killer. I am considering switching to impale.
    Rain of vengence. Only unlocked the first rune which I feel is weird acting, so I'm currently swapping between that and no rune. The skill itself is of questionable use because of the long cooldown, but I really like using it so so-far it's on my skill bar.
    Vault. Never have and never will get rid of it. Currently runed with tumble for those cases where I accidentally roll into the boss pack rather than away from it.
    My fourth skill has been debated on alot. I was using shadow power for a long time, but didn't use it much and never when I would have needed it. Tried smoke screen for a while but mosty forgot all about it and used vault instead. Now I'm using caltrops with the stun-rune. This is what I feel comfortable with right now because of the lower cost to cast and the stun is real nice when I get jailed or walled in.

    Gear is nothing to speak of. I usually pick up whatever has the most dex on it, so I'm kind of a glass cannon. My next goal is to increase survivability since I've had a few deaths in act1 NM, but it still stings me to see my damage drop when I switch my gear out. I started off digging the dual hand bows, but sticking to the amazon theme, I am now rolling with bows!

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    Re: Wots yer build?

    Another level 40 demon hunter... just with only half of TRM's mad DPS.

    Hungering Arrow (Shatter Shot)
    Impale (Impact)
    Smoke Screen (Lingering Fog)
    Companion (Bat Companion)
    Multishot (Suppression Fire)
    Preparation (Battle Scars)
    Steady Aim

    My build is different from theirs, revolving around Smoke Screen's 3 seconds of epic win and strong hatred/discipline regeneration. Impale's high damage/stun is nice for single targets at relatively low cost, while Hungering Arrow/Multishot take care of larger packs, depending on whether I need to regenerate hatred/discipline at the moment.

    When I'm not too lazy to swap around skills, Chakram (Twin Chakrams) for insane open area low cost area DPS is very nice to have as well instead of Impale.

    Vault... I ditched. *shrug*

    EDIT: Swapped in Elemental Arrow for Impale. Ball Lightning does nice damage, but I do miss being able to stun things that actually give problems... a tradeoff of sorts.

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    Re: Wots yer build?

    Level 30-something HC Barbarian here. Gear is a balance between damage and survivability of course. I am constantly gold starved. :( Must... craft... more...

    Cleave (Rupture) - Very good AoE damage dealer.

    Revenge (Vengeance Is Mine) - This one becomes active when you get hit, which is also exactly whan you need it, because it heals life. A good mechanic I found is: Have revenge on right mouse button and cleave on left mouse button. When you meet some big bad monster, hold down the right mouse button on him throughout the whole fight. While holding down the RMB, keep clicking him with the LMB. This way, you will be using Cleave all the time and Revenge will cast itself automaticaly each time it becomes active.

    Leap (Launch) - Life saver in HC!

    Ground Stomp (Wrenching Smash) - The rune is the crux of this build's strategy. It gathers a lot of enemies stunned close to you and then you unleash Cleave on all of them. Revenge is also very effective because there are so many monsters around you. Immediately when they become unstunned, use Threatening Shout.

    Threatening Shout (Falter) - Good skill, but will probably be exchanged with War Cry (Invigorate), which seems insanely good, when the time comes.

    Wrath of the Berserker - Trying this out now. Before, I used Earthquake which I saved for champion packs and it worked very well. I read that WotB breaks you out of jailer traps when activated, so I am trying it out now. Also, the Insanity rune is very promising.

    Passives: Nerves of Steel and Inspiring Presence for survival. Berserker Rage since the build has no fury spenders (except WotB, which has a 2 minute cooldown), so I am almost always at full fury.

    EDIT: Just did some math and found out that Inspiring Presence is better than Bloodthirst, so switched that one out.

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    Re: Wots yer build?

    I'm still working on my barbarian, as my build was sub-optimal on early NM.

    Gear: + <your important atribute> is king. I tried to focus on armor and health globes bonuses but it didn't worked very well.

    A big part of the game in the beggining is where to spend money. I seldom buy things from merchants, have 1 page stash and artisans at respectable level on early nm. If I could go back in time, I would evolve the artisan before the stash.

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    Re: Wots yer build?

    Playing a Witch Doctor. My current build is based around lots of mana regen and crowd control.

    Corpse Spiders (Widowmaker) - The mana return/hit is nice, and I also like that they function almost like a DoT.

    Firebats (Direbats) - This is my nuke skill. Will probably swap it for Zombie Charger with Zombie Bears rune when I reach the level for it.

    Hex (Hedge Magic) - Turns enemies into chickens and casts random heals. What's not to love?

    Spirit Walk (Honored Guest) - I like this skill as it serves two purposes with the rune. If the fight is easy, I use it as a quick mana replenish. If the fight is rough, I can use it to escape danger.

    Horrify (Face of Death) - Big radius AoE fear. Use it to keep myself or my minion safe.

    Gargantuan (Humungoid) - Tank.


    Jungle Fortitude (20% DR for myself and minions)
    Spiritual Attunement (Increase mana and mana regen. Will swap for Bad Medicine, an additional 20%DR when enemies are poisoned when I get Zombie Bears)
    Spirit Vessel (Reduces the cooldown on Horrify/Spirit Walk and if you die, brings you back to life with 10% health.)

    My gear is split between Vit and Int.


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