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    It's Fridaily!!!

    RL: Just wanted to say that

    D3: I really like this game!! I enjoy very much the different char and their voices. Claire is now my wizard and Claus is the Demon hunter. They are both the coolest! Also. Fun to play...

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    There are no special rules for HC. I would suggest not dying though.

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    Re: It's Fridaily!!!

    RL: Worked most of the day, coming home to play D3... and maybe eat and shower at some point.

    D3: Some RL friends want to play some MP D3 tonight, so that's what I'll be doing. Not sure which class I'll be playing yet, but probably something new. That means either WD, Barb or DH. Should be fun!

    OVG: Ha... Ha

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    Re: It's Fridaily!!!

    RL: Pick up repaired lawn mower, then get to giving that front yard a haircut. And digging, which should prove relaxing after the minor stresses of the last day or two. I've got a 25 square foot portion that I've dug as a sort of pilot hole, just to make sure there are no surprises waiting for me at the appropriate depth, that the depth is realistic, and then to see how much soil it is going to take to fill this puppy back up. Oh, and I think I shall order new drumsticks. There are some pretty orange ones from Zildjian that look nice.
    D3: No.
    D2: No.
    OVG: Maybe?

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    Re: It's Fridaily!!!

    RL: Work, run, what else is there

    D3: Having great time with my Barb, still no other characters. I'm honestly surprised at how much fun I'm having! Also, world looks great.

    @pancake: All this about digging and stress sounds very very suspicious...

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    Re: It's Fridaily!!!

    RL: I'm at work with nothing to do. Yesterday was a vacation so everyone else took a day off today to have four days of holiday.

    D3: Almost through Act III nightmare with my sorc.. wizard (I keep calling her a sorceress for some reason). I'll try to complete Nightmare today and peek to hell, if it's too tough to solo I'll finally try some other class.

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    Re: It's Fridaily!!!

    My old friend's father worked for Vic Firth, so I have to give my obligatory anti-Zildjian statement.

    RL: Last half of my Friday at work left to get through. No idea what's going on this weekend. It's... ugh. Don't think anything's really happening today, so it leaves time for --

    D3: FastE and I finished Act III yesterday morning, but he had to go to work just as we stepped into Act IV. He and I won't have the same availability until Monday, so today I'll continue work with my DH. She's midway through Act II and doing pretty well. I'm sticking to my guns and not twinking any of my original five characters, even if I've got some pretty sweet hand-me-down items in my stash with relatively crazy amounts of Dex.

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    Re: It's Fridaily!!!

    RL: Can't leave the house without having a panic attack, so a girl from college is coming round for coffee.

    D3: Just started NM but the servers are lagging majorly.

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    Re: It's Fridaily!!!

    RL: Just came to work and I already want to go home and play. This is the last day of work before I start my 2week vacation to play 24/7.

    D3: Got to Act 4 Normal yesterday before I stopped playing. The cutscene was easily the best in the game so far.
    Those eyes, man!

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    Re: It's Fridaily!!!

    RL: Teach class, ride home, find that wife has left for the weekend and stocked me up with enough food so I don't even have to leave the house. Going to be a great weekend. I might not survive.

    D3: Didn't play yesterday... servers were down in the morning and we went out for dinner and a play last night. Going to play a bunch this afternoon/evening.

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    Re: It's Fridaily!!!

    RL: Work:(

    D3: Played my monk to act 2 hell, and he's level 54 I believe. Then started a Demon Hunter, and now I'm not sure on which one to play on saturday, when I get time for some gaming again.

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