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    Re: Soon weekend Thursdaily

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyrax View Post
    I'd say that depends a bit on what your goal is and how untwinked untwinked is. To start with the latter: In that untwinked lvl 99 progress thread the chars are officially untwinked, but looking at the higher chars, they've done enough LK runs to get some highend RW's. This would give you a lot more options, especially if you're looking to run higher playersettings.
    As for the first, are you looking to casually do some p1 runs or are you looking to do runs at higher p-settings to get massive experience?

    If p1 is enough for you, i'd say a summoning necro is a good choice. Strong army and with p1 CE is very powerfull. Would be a bit tougher to use on higher settings, especially with those narrow corridors which would give your army some trouble to swarm the opponents.

    For higher playersettings there's some other chars i'd use (though they would be usable on lower p-settings too). Hammerdins are strong ofc. Downside would be that you most likely won't be having enigma any time soon. This limits mobility a bit and hammerdins are usually used to end up in the middle of the battle to maximize the effect of the hammers. Still, they are strong and don't require much gear to be effective. Also nothing is immune for you.

    Lightning sorc for obvious reasons. Lightning is strong, you don't have to enter into melee range and with teleport you got great mobility. Downside may be the LI's. As long as you dont have infinity youll have to rely on the merc or teleport past them.

    LF zon would also work great. Same strong lightning as the sorc, but you can get a valkyrie to help and can do some melee damage to LIs yourself. Downside would be losing the option to teleport.

    And the final one id consider would be a trapper. Pretty much the same advantages/disadvantages as the LF zon, except you switch out the melee damage to fire damage and/or the traps that do CE.
    Officially untwinked. Honestly looking for higher player settings to run to 99. I remember enjoying running the CS more than the wsk in my bnet-rush days. I have a blizz-sorc attempting to run LK for infinity. Have thought about running with a hammerdin since I do enjoy them also, and furyzons are one of my favorites that I haven't re-made since turning single player.

    So, it looks like casters are where it's at when running the cs... Sounds good! I do appreciate the information cyrax.

    @TRM: Did you catch the eclipse? I slept all dang day :(

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    Re: Soon weekend Thursdaily

    With IM gone it is possible to run melee characters there. However Lord de Seis' mob is brutal if you have to get up close. Even with a fully twinked character. Also the Infector of Souls can put you down quickly, if he's got a conviction aura and you don't have enough stacked fire resists. That's why i left them out of the good builds to run CS.

    Just keep us posted on your exploits. I'm interested to see which char you'll be running with.


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