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    Calling all old friends.

    After many years it is time to get the boys back together, for any old friends that used to roll with me and Sculpy in classic back in the day my Battletag is Turtleism#6643.

    If anyone else wants to call out to old friends this is the place to do it, gotta keep the d2 classic boys together.

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    NSW, Australia

    Re: Calling all old friends.

    Yeah man it's Fullplate here, added you. Was very surprised to see this here on my first visit in years.

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    Re: Calling all old friends.

    Hi Turtleism, I think we ran into each other in Classic about 2 months ago. You were around for about one week. I got the D3 game but it doesn't seem to have any capabilities like in gathering people like the chat channels and game lists of D2 fame. It's been a major reason that I've already gone back to D2 and suspended D3 play for now, just wasn't enjoying it...

    So D2 games still carry on.


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